Magnet Math Game

During our home preschool time the girls really enjoy hands-on math activities that feel more like play than “school.” This magnet math game appealed to both their love of exploring magnets and their love of sensory play while helping them practice counting and addition.

Magnet math game for preschoolers and kindergarteners

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To set up this activity we gathered a small bin of blue jean aquarium gravel, some of the pieces from our Learning Resources Super Magnet Lab set, and writing materials.

Materials for Math Game

At first the girls spent time exploring. They spent quite a while dragging the magnets through the gravel to see how many chips they could pick up at a time.

Scoop, Count and Record Magnet Math

Once they finished exploring freely we started our math game. To play they’d scoop, count and record how many chips they picked up. After a bit we decided to try and see whether they could scoop “more” or “less” than they did during their previous turn. Each time we recorded the amounts so the girls got some practice writing numbers.

Scoop and add math game

We also used these materials to practice addition. To do so the girls would scoop once and place those chips in one group. Then they would scoop again and place those chips in another group.  Then they would count how many in all.

Magnet Addition Activity

Lovey also recorded the addition sentence before repeating the activity again.

Addition Math Game-recording

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Magnet Math Games ~ Count Add and Play

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  1. That magnet set looks really neat!

  2. Magnets are always fascinating and to incorporate them in learning math skills is a great idea. Thank you for sharing.

  3. This looks so inviting and fun! Pinned 🙂 I can’t wait to try something like this with my toddler!

  4. So clever! They probably don’t even notice that they are learning!

  5. Popping over from Planet Smarty Pants’ Linky Party to say hi and let you know that I think you activity with magnets is really neat. I love it when kids can do something fun and learn along the way. Pinning as well.

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