Lollipop Lab~Flavor Mixing Science Experiment for Kids

We’ve been having fun learning with lollipops. After dissolving our lollipops and using the liquid to practice color mixing, Lovey wanted to taste our liquids. So began this simple flavor mixing science experiment. Not only did we taste the existing flavors, we investigated to see which flavor combinations tasted the best.

Lollipop Lab Flavor Mixing Science Experiment and Taste Test for Kids

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We started with the liquids made after we dissolved our lollipops. You could do these experiments on the same day or spread the investigation out over a couple of days. Just make sure to seal and store the liquids so they are safe to drink.

We set the liquids up next to their flavor labels so the girls could describe the flavor combinations they were making and develop the “recipes” for their new mixes. We also provided pipettes and small plastic containers (ours are the size of film canisters).

Lollipop Lab~Creating New Flavors Sense of Taste Science Experiment

Then the girls got to mixing. First they started mixing equal parts of two flavors. They loved “Bubble Soda” with 2 bubble gum and 2 cream soda. “Cherry Candy” with 2 cherry and and 2 cotton candy was also a favorite.

Soon they moved on to more elaborate concoctions. They made “Peachy Soda Gum” with 3 peach mango, 1 cream soda, and 4 bubble gum.  They created and created and created!

After they were happy with their different recipes, they decided to open up shop. They invited me to make drink orders, and they busily created whatever I asked for.

Lollipop recipes~Creating New Flavor Mixtures

And let me tell you–these little drinks were actually very tasty!  They even added in prices and accepted payment for my drinks using their cash register and money.

Taste Test~Lollipop Drink Flavors

This may just look like fun~and it was! But along the way the girls were practicing so many skills. Here’s a list of some of the skills included:

  • Scientific investigations-asking questions, making and confirming predictions, testing hypotheses
  • Sense of taste
  • Capacity
  • Mathematical understanding-counting, combinations of numbers
  • Fine motor strength
  • Oral vocabulary and language
  • Money recognition
  • Financial understanding-value of goods, pricing

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  1. This looks like a fun and tasty science experiment. Cant wait to try it out .

  2. Such a cool experiment–I bet they LOVED it!

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