Leaf People Fall Craft

If you are collecting items outdoors this fall, this is a fun and easy leaf craft kids of all ages can create. It’s one of those “classic” activities that has become one of our fall traditions.

All through the year my kids love to collect items from nature,  but fall is a time when it’s especially fun to see all the different leaves, acorns, and pine cones falling to the ground. We come home with buckets full, and we always put them to good use.

We were also lucky that Grammie and Hoppie brought us some beautiful fall leaves from Michigan last year.  We used them for a lot of activities, including our leaf people craft inspired by this leaf man puppet.

Before doing this activity we read the books Leaf Man and Look What I Did with a Leaf! The kids loved seeing the images in the books, and it gave them a lot of inspiration for making their own creations.


To set up the activity we gathered some fall leaves, acorns, small twigs, paper and glue. If you don’t have fall leaves, you can also find packages of them at craft stores and the Dollar Tree in the fall.

Art with natural materials

 The kids were invited to make their own creations.  Lovey chose to create people this time.

Leaf People Fall Art

Other children might have chosen to make other creations, and that creativity should be encouraged. I’m excited to set up this activity as an invitation to create again this year and see what all of the kids come up with this time.

To extend this activity you could ask kids to make up a story (orally or in writing) about their creations.


Printable Leaf Theme Lesson Plans

Are you teaching a leaf-inspired theme soon?

Check out our leaf theme lesson plans. This printable pack is full of hands-on learning activities that include reading, math, science, fine motor activities, sensory play, and more. In addition to full-day and half-day lesson plans, the pack also includes book recommendations, idependent center options, and a skills checklist. You also get an I See Fall Leaves printable emergent reader, printable Leaf Numbers 1-30, and a Leaf Observation Recording Sheet to use during your leaf theme.

Leaves Lesson Plans for Preschool at Home

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  1. AWww….super cute!! Love these 🙂

  2. Really adorable! We’ll have to keep an eye out for acorns and brightly colored leaves — love this season!

  3. These are adorable!

  4. Such cute little leaf people. We’d have a lot of fun with this. Excited to try it!

  5. Love it! I want to do this with my girls this fall (they are 3 and 5). This would be fun to do after a nature walk and gathering little bits of this and that. Thanks for the idea! Come visit me if you have a chance! sunnysweetlife.blogspot.com

  6. Those leaf people are so cute! I love the idea to use them for story telling, too. I never would have thought of this idea, but it would be perfect for our fall-themed tot trays we have coming up. I’ll have to check my dollar store for some fake leaves because all of our leaves are new and tiny. 🙂

  7. So cute! We just used our fall collections to make faces on paper.

  8. I love the creativity that can be unleashed here. Thanks for sharing with Afterschool!

  9. Such a fun idea. I love how open ended this activity is. We made gourd people in a similar way – but this activity seems even friendlier to tiny hands.

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