Jellyfish Craft

When my girls pop inside to escape the summer heat they often choose some sort of crafting or painting activity. While we were at the library last week we happened to read a book about jellyfish, so this was a fun jellyfish craft to make after reading together one afternoon. Use it at home or in the classroom for a J is for Jellyfish theme or summer activity.

Preschool Jellyfish Craft for Letter J Week or Summer Theme Activity

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Make Your Own Jellyfish Craft

Before we got started we read our books and searched for images of jellyfish in our nonfiction text and on Google images. We made observations, and the girls chose which colors of paint to use for their own jellyfish.

To begin we placed two colors of paint toward the top center of our paper. Then the girls used a comb to drag the paint a bit and create the top of the jellyfish. They loved watching how the colors mix together.

Jellyfish Craft Step 1-Paint with Comb

Then we used a q-tip to create the tentacles of the jellyfish by dragging paint downward.

Painting Jellyfish

And although jellyfish don’t technically have eyes, the girls insisted that ours did need to have eyes. While I would have preferred to stick to the scientific facts, I do actually think their little jellyfish eyes are adorable.

Preschool Letter J Craft-Jelly Fish

If you’re teaching in a classroom or you have a large display wall at home, you could add these jellyfish to a mural project about ocean life. It would be beautiful!


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