Icing Colors Spray Painting Activity

We often experiment with art activities that use different kinds of paint and painting tools. We’ve shared many ways to paint without paintbrushes.  Our newest painting experiment gave us some very vibrant colors!

Cool Painting Activity for Kids~Icing Colors Spray Painting!

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We use Wilton Icing Colors for all sorts of baking and crafting projects, so we always have some on hand. While baking the other day Lovey asked what would happen if we put the icing colors on paper, so began our little exploration.

Icing Colors for Painting Activity

We used decorative toothpicks with something on the ends for the girls to grasp to avoid getting the colors on their fingers.

Icing Colors as Paint

Little by little they applied the icing colors to watercolor paper. A little bit goes a long way with icing colors so even the smallest amount of icing colors on the paper will give a good color. The girls added colors with various markings all over the paper.

Icing Colors on Paper

Then they sprayed the paper lightly with water and a spray bottle.

Spray Painting with Icing Colors

Well Tinker may have gone a little overboard, but she was fascinated by the colors mixing and swirling around on the paper. I was a little worried her paper would turn out all black, but using the watercolor paper she was still pleased with the design after all of the water was absorbed and dried.

Color Mixing

Lovey used the spray bottle a little more sparingly, but we were still able to watch the colors mix and create cool designs on the paper.

Colors After Spraying with Water

The final dried art reminded us of the designs made when painting with bleeding tissue paper.

Finished Preschool Art~Painting with Icing Colors

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