Healthy Valentine’s Day Snack

While I like making special snacks for my girls, I also need for them to be super simple to make. This healthy Valentine’s Day snack is perfect. We used ours for an after school snack. They’d also be great for kids to make during a class Valentine’s day party, or you can prepare them ahead of time for any Valentine’s day gathering.

Healthy Valentine's Day Snack-Perfect for class parties and after school snacks


  • Strawberries-Use a sharp knife to cut a small V in the top to make them look like hearts.
  • Blueberries
  • White cheese of your choice-We used mozzarella and cut it into small triangles to make arrow heads.
  • Skewers or valentine’s picks-I found these arrow picks at Walmart.

Ingredients for Easy Valentine's Day Snack

I made one arrow snack for each child and set them out on a plate next to the ingredients when the girls arrived home from school. Then they created their own patterns with the ingredients. Placing the items on the picks is also great fine motor practice, so you’re getting a healthy snack and a little small motor muscle building in one.

Healthy Valentine's Day Snack for Class Parties

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  1. Lovely. One thing I hate is the huge amount of sugar children eat in these special days. This idea is both healthy and beautiful, I’m sure my son will love it.

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