Gingerbread Play Dough-Advent Day 10

After making our gingerbread house yesterday, I thought the kids would like to make gingerbread play dough. As I expected, it was a hit! All of the kids enjoyed playing with it today, and we will pull it back out for our Christmas play date this weekend.

Note: We’ve used this recipe over and over again, and I snapped a few updated photos when we made it for a class holiday party recently, so you’ll see two different variations for this play dough invitation within this post.

Gingerbread Play Dough Invitation Ideas

Materials for Gingerbread Play Dough

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We started with a basic play dough recipe. To give it a gingerbread scent, we added:

I think adding all of those dry spices made the dough a little more crumbly than the original recipe so I added a little bit more oil and glycerin. That seems to have fixed it.

Setting Up the Play Dough Invitation

If you’re using this as a holiday activity you can use more holiday colors like we did in the invitation pictured above. However, gingerbread does not have to be a holiday theme. In the classroom I enjoyed using the gingerbread theme in January as we transitioned back into our school routine after the holidays. In that case I used bright multi-colored items instead of holiday colors.

Here are some items you might consider setting out with your gingerbread play dough:

The Play Dough Recipe Book

I added some gingerbread cookie cutters and embellishments to our tray, and the kids spent a lot of time playing.

The Play Dough Recipe Book

While we played we listened to one of their favorite gingerbread songs. We listen to the full Jack Hartmann CD regularly.

There are many more terrific play dough ideas in this Montessori-Inspired Christmas Play Dough Activities post from Living Montessori Now.

Have you made any holiday play dough this year?



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