Frog Life Cycle Small World

In preschool and early elementary kids learn a lot about the different animal life cycles. The transformation of a frog’s life is often fascinating to young children. For years we’ve been trying to find our own little frogspawn to watch this all happen, but we haven’t had any luck finding one yet. We’ll be on the lookout again this spring, but for now we set up this frog life cycle small world for some pretend play.

Frog Life Cycle Small World-Learn about the life cycle of a frog with this fun sensory bin idea for preschoolers


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Add about 2 Tbsp of chia seeds to 6-8 Tbsp of water about 12-24 hours before you’ll be playing with this sensory bin. Let the chia seeds absorb the water.

Prepare the sensory bin by placing all the remaining items in the large plastic bin.

Frog Sensory Bin-Water Play and Life Cycle Activity for Preschoolers

Play Time

Tinker started by first playing with the sensory bin without the chia seed “frogspawn”. She had fun finding the different parts of the life cycle and placing them in order. Then she started to engage in pretend play as the tadpole swam and the frog hopped around playing family.

After a while I showed her the chia seeds, and she immediately stuck her hand in to feel them.

Chia Seed Frog Spawn

Then she slowly added the pretend frogspawn to the sensory bin and she continued along with her sensory exploration and pretend play.

Frog Spawn Pretend Play

Note: If you are buying chia seeds just for this activity, you’ll only need a small amount. However, you can put the rest to good use by making chia pets or including chia seeds in a smoothie or pudding recipe.


Frog Life Cycle Small World

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