Free Printable Pet Rock Writing

There are so many ways to use rocks for learning and play. In this free printable pet rock writing activity we’re bringing our pets to life and using our creativity to come up with special character traits about our new friends.

Choose Your New Pet Rock

Start out by going on a rock hunt. You didn’t really need an excuse to head outdoors, but this is  good one anyway! See what differnet kinds of rocks you can find. Then choose the rock–or rocks–that is just right for your new pet.

Decorate Your New Pet

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Set out some basic collage materials and glue to decorate your new pet rocks. Use whatever you have on hand, but we used:

As kids decorate their pet rocks engage in discussions about them. Talk abot what each items they add says about “who” their pet rock is and its personality. As they decorate and begin to think about each aspect of their creation, kids’ imaginations come alive. The stories and ideas they come up with are so much fun!

If you are doing with activity with younger kids and you are doing the writing activity on a separate day than decorating, you may want to jot down a couple of notes so you remember what they said about their pet rocks. Sometimes preschoolers forget after a day or two, and the reminder will help spark those memories as they start writing.

Write About Your Pet Rock

Download the free printable pet rock writing sheet using the link toward the end of the post. Then have kids sit with their pet rock and come up with ideas to the writing prompts.

Preschool and kindergarten age children will need some extra support for the writing. Encourage them to write or draw in the spaces where they can, or help by recording the responses they dicate to you.

First grade and second grade children will likely be able to complete the activity independently. This can be a great way to focus on personification and using voice in writing. Kids could do it as a center or independent writing activity.

Extend the Activity

Once kids are finished. Take a few pictures of a “Day in the Life” of their pet rock. Print and hang the pictures as a class display, or compile them into a small individual book about each child’s pet rock.


Click Here to Get Your Free Pet Rock Writing Sheet


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