Free Printable Christmas Ornament Play Dough Mats

We’re admittedly play dough fanatics around here. There is always at least one play dough invitation out and ready to play with at our house. They get a ton of use, and there is so much potential for learning that I’m always inspired to create a new version. Although we’ve made reindeer play dough, gingerbread play dough, peppermint play dough, and more over the years, we’ve never made Christmas ornament play dough. Clearly it was time to give it a try, and we even made some free printable play dough mats to go along with the invitation if you’d like to use them.

Christmas Tree Ornament Play Dough Invitation-Fun Christmas activity for kids with free printable play dough mats

Ornament Play Dough Materials

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Christmas Play Dough Mats and Sensory Invitation

Time to Play

When introducing a new play dough invitation I always leave the materials out for the kids to discover. I do not give assignments or outline expectations (they are already very familiar with general expectations for play dough use). I simply want to invite them to explore the materials. Sometimes that means they go in a completely different direction, and that’s okay. Most often they have enough background knowledge that they end up somewhere along the lines of what I anticipated for the invitation, and I am always impressed by how their imaginations get to work to create something that is just their own.



Both of my girls chose to use the play dough mats that were out with the materials. They each created multiple ornaments using the different mats, and they decorated them each with a different array of materials form the tray.

Christmas Play Dough Activity for Kids

We’ll be keeping this invitation out with some of our other holiday activities until Christmas, so the kids will be sure to get a lot of use out of it!

Click Here to Get Your Free Ornament Play Dough Mats

Ornament Play Dough Invitation for Christmas



Christmas Tree Ornament Play Dough Tray with Free Printable Ornament Mats
Christmas Play Dough with free printable Christmas tree ornament play dough mats

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