Free Printable Flower Theme Number Cards

We like to use number cards in a variety of ways to reinforce early number sense skills. I often make a new seasonal set to reignite student interest in using them. By adding in some seasonal manipulatives and changing out the cards, you can practice important preschool math skills in a playful way.  These free printable flower number cards include number cards, ten-frame cards, and word cards for the numbers zero to ten.

Free printable flower number cards-great for using with manipulatives to practice counting, comparing, addition and more. Use with your spring preschool theme

Ways to Use the Flower Number Cards

Number cards can be used for a wide variety of number sense activities. I shared how we used our number cards in detail in our apple number cards post. It’s full of ideas for using number cards based on your child’s current learning goals. In general we suggest using the number cards to practice things like counting, sorting, ordering, comparing, beginning addition, and more.

Using tiny erasers for math with free printable flower number cards

Add in Manipulatives

While you don’t have to use manipulatives with these number cards, they can be a wonderful way to enhance the learning experience for your child.

In these pictures we’re using the flower number cards with some butterfly erasers we found in the Target Dollar Spot. Kids can let the butterflies flutter around and come to rest on the cards as they count out matching sets.

If you don’t have these erasers, you could also use other small manipulatives like sunflower seeds, leaves, pom poms, or something else you have in your handy craft stash.

Use manipulatives and number cards to practice preschool number sense

Extend the Learning

If your childern can already identify and count out sets for the numbers with ease, you can extend the learning by introducing composing and decomposing numbers.

In the example below we are working on composing sets of 10. You could also start with 5 (or another smaller number). For each card the child adds the additional butterflies to make 10. Start with the dot cards so kids can count and check as they go. Then move on to the number cards as kids become more familiar with ways to make 10.

To work on decomposing let kids choose a card. Then have them break that number into two sets of butterflies that equal the number. So for a card with the number 7 on it, kids could take seven butterflies and decompose them into one group of 3 and one group of 4.

Like I said there are so many ways to use these cards to support early math learning. We hope you enjoy using them with your kids!

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