Felt Gingerbread Set-Advent Day 11

Today I planned to make felt cookies. I originally envisioned round cookies with various felt toppings that the kids could use in their play kitchen for pretend play, but I noticed two things that changed my mind a bit. First Lovey has really enjoyed the gingerbread activities from our last two advent days. Second Tinker is very interested in naming and identifying body parts and facial features right now.

So I changed our plans a bit and decided to create a felt gingerbread set. I used a simple template to cut out large gingerbread men.

DIY Felt Gingerbread Set

I gathered our bin of felt scraps. Then we looked through some of our favorite gingerbread books to get ideas. Lovey chose things she wanted to have for decorating them, and I did my best to create something similar. I am not too artistically inclined, but the pieces work well enough. Next year to dress them up a bit we may add some sparkly decorations like we did with our felt tree.

For now Lovey is having fun coming up with her own gingerbread creations, and Tinker is happy to sit and name all of the facial features of the gingerbread men that we create together.

We will  place the felt gingerbread set on cookie sheets for the kids to play with during our play date this weekend. Later in the month we will also be doing a gingerbread mini-unit, so we will use the felt set again at that time.

Have you made a felt gingerbread set? I would love to see some more ideas.

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  1. We have a felt gingerbread man too, it’s a very popular activity! Adorable! 🙂

  2. Adorable ! I love how simple this activity is. I definitely need to make these for my kiddos to enjoy. Who doesn’t love gingerbread men ?! 🙂

    • Thanks! It was definitely simple to put together, and all of the kids have enjoyed playing with it in their own way.

  3. Liked this so much, I featured it on this week’s Mom’s Library Link-Up! Hop over and grab a I’ve been Featured on Hey Mommy, Chocolate Milk button to proudly display!
    Looking forward to see what you’ve been up to this week!

    Julie @ Hey Mommy, Chocolate Milk

  4. Thanks so much for sharing on the Sunday Showcase! We made something similar last year! 🙂 http://www.theiowafarmerswife.com/2011/12/felt-gingerbreadmangirl-dress-up-doll.html

    • Wow! Your version is so adorable. I definitely saw some great ideas for pieces to add to our set. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is such a fun idea! Iwould really love to have you come by and share your fun things at Share It Saturday!

    • I am so glad you liked the idea. I will definitely head over to share at Share It Saturday. Thank you for the invite.

  6. So very cute and such a fun idea! Thanks for linking up with us!

  7. This is so cool. I would love to try this with magnetic pieces, too, so that my kids could play it in the car.

    • I am glad you like it! And we must think alike. As I started making them I thought it would be neat to have magnetic pieces, too. I only had felt and magnets, so I wasn’t sure if the decorative pieces would attract through the gingerbread person. I decided not to chance it since the girls were eagerly waiting to play. 🙂 Let me know if you try it out with felt or with magnetic sheets. I’d love to see how it turns out.

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