Feather Flower Craft

While searching together in our craft supplies recently Tinker came across a full bag of yellow feathers. Without hesitating she popped the bag open. (Yes, feathers flew everywhere.) And she immediately started playing with them as she declared, “I want to make something with these.” Since we’ve been doing a lot of flower activities like our play dough counting garden and chalk counting garden, flowers must have been on our minds. After a couple minutes of playing and brainstorming we came up with the idea for this feather flower craft. We made ours just for fun, but I think they would  be beautiful on a large garden mural in a classroom or on the front of a Mother’s Day card.

Feather Flower Craft-Quick activity for spring art or a Mother's Day card

Feather Flower Craft Materials

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Make Your Own

Start by making the stem and leaves and glue them in place.

Flower Stem Using Fuzzy Sticks

Next place a large amount of glue in the center at the top of the stem. Arrange feathers around in a flower shape.

Feather Flower Craft

Finish by adding a little more glue and placing a large button in the center of the flower.

Feather Flower Craft for Mother's Day Card

That’s it! A quick and beautiful spring craft in minutes!

Feather Flower Craft

We think these would be pretty combined with others to make a large garden mural in a classroom or to use on the front of a Mother’s Day card. What else would you use them for?


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