Easy Shamrock Craft

Tinker is very much in the dump and pour art phase. Whatever she is working on she loves to dump and pour the materials all over the page. And usually she doesn’t stop until all the materials are gone. If you have little ones like her, then this shamrock craft will be a fun St. Patrick’s Day activity for them.

Shamrock Craft ...great for window display. Easy for toddlers!

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To prepare for the activity I cut a sheet of clear contact paper, removed the paper backing, and taped it to the table so the sticky side was facing up. Then  I cut a shamrock shape out of the center of a piece of green paper and carefully smoothed it onto the sticky side of the contact paper.

Near the paper I placed a small amount of green sequins, gold star confetti, and green glitter for Tinker to sprinkle onto the contact paper.

Shamrock Craft Supplies

When she first sat down she spent a little while touching the sticky part of the contact paper. It doesn’t matter how many times we use it, all of the kids love to feel it a bit before starting a new activity.

Then she started pouring, first with a little shake here and a little shake there.

Toddler St. Patrick's Day Craft

Then she slowly added more…

Shamrock Craft

…and more until she finally ran out of materials. When she did, she proudly proclaimed, “Done, mama! Now it’s sooOOOooo sparkedy!” Oh, how I love toddler speak.

Shamrock Craft for Kids

At this point you’ll have to decide whether you want all of that sparkle to stay on the craft. If so you’ll need to place a second layer of contact paper on top of the creation to secure it.

We opted not to do that. Instead we lifted the paper and let the extra pieces that were not stuck to the paper fall onto our table. This did two things. First, it gave Tinker another “ta da” moment as she saw the creation revealed. And it also gave us extra materials to allow another friend to do the project or to try again on our own later.

Shamrock Craft for Toddlers

These look pretty hanging on a wall or in a window depending on your preference. I actually liked them hanging on our dark cabinets because the light in the kitchen really made all the sequins sparkle. But the girls preferred seeing them hanging in the window with the sunlight shining through, so that’s where they are in all their sparkly glory.

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  1. I, too, love how “sparkedy” this turned out! I love how you encouraged her to just go for it full throttle! 🙂

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