Easy Paper Plate Turkey Craft

As we get closer to Thanksgiving we’ve been having fun with new turkey crafts and turkey math activities. Yesterday when Lovey got home from school she said she wanted to make something else for Thanksgiving, so we quickly gathered a few supplies and made this simple paper plate turkey craft.

In addition to being a quick and easy Thanksgiving craft, it’s great for fine motor practice. It’s terrific for both kids who love to cut and kids who don’t really like to cut because the scissor practice doesn’t “feel” as much like work as a traditional cutting worksheet.

Easy Paper Plate Turkey Craft and Fine Motor Thanksgiving Activity

To get started I grabbed some paper from our scrap bin. We used rectangles in yellow, red, orange, and brown. Size doesn’t really matter, but you’ll want them about the height that you want the turkey feathers to be.

We also grabbed glue sticks, scissors, markers, and orange dessert size paper plates.

Paper for turkey craft

Then the girls got busy cutting. I showed Tinker, age 3, how to cut straight from the bottom to the top of the rectangle to make long strips of paper. She loves cutting so this was a lot of fun for her.

Lovey is not a fan of cutting in general, but she was eager to make her little turkey so she happily got into the cutting practice, too.

Paper strips for turkey craft

Once the girls felt like they had enough “feathers” they started gluing them to the back of the paper plate.

Fine motor cutting practice Thanksgiving activity

To finish the turkeys they cut circles for heads and drew on facial features. And that’s that! Cute little turkeys to add to our holiday display.

Paper Plate Turkey Craft

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