Easy Candy Cane Ornament Craft

My girls love stringing beads. They make necklaces, bracelets and whatever else they come up with all the time. For Christmas we decided to make some new and easy candy cane ornaments for our Christmas tree. They can also  be used as bracelets. I’ll show you both ways to make them!

Beaded Candy Cane Ornament Craft for Kids

We started with red and white chenille stems and red and white pony beads. Mix up the beads here and you can easily incorporate some basic early math skills, sorting and matching colors. The girls sorted the beads by color as they matched the colors to the correct stem. We left about half an inch at the end of each stem when we were making the candy canes.

(Note: If you are making bracelets instead you will want to shorten the stems a bit so the bracelets will not be too big for little hands. I’d suggest making them an inch to two inches larger than the child’s write to allow room for twisting.)

Materials for candy cane ornament

Then we twisted two of the free ends together tightly to secure the strands together. Next we wrapped the two stems to look like a candy cane. We secured the opposite ends by twisting them, too. Note that there is some extra stem hanging off. I left that there so we could use it to secure the ends for the bracelet.

Candy Cane Craft-step 3

Once the ends are secured form the stems into a candy cane shape. Tuck in any loose stems at the ends, and you’ve got a quick and easy ornament to hang on the tree!

Easy Beaded Candy Cane Ornament

If you are making bracelets, use the extra part at the tips to twist the ends of the bracelet together.

Candy Cane Bracelet Craft

If the bracelet or ornament starts to untwist, it’s easy to twist it back together. Have fun!

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