DIY Spider Ring

A while back we made fireworks rings by accident. The girls had so much fun with them that I thought it would be fun to make our own spider rings. They are quick and easy, and you probably have the craft supplies to make them already.

DIY Spider Ring for Halloween

We made two different sizes. For the large rings we started with four full size chenille stems and one half size stem. We also used two pom poms, one small and one large.  Our pom poms came from the rainbow poms set in our most recent package from

Materials for spider ring craft

To make the ring I folded the four long stems in half. Then I made a large enough hole for a child’s finger. Just above that hole I twisted the remaining stem.

How to make a spider ring

Then I folded the eight “legs” down into the shape of spider legs.

spider legs

I used a hot glue gun to attach the two pom poms together. Then I attached the “spider body” to the legs with the hot glue.

DIY spider ring craft

They turned out super cute! You could also add eyes and other embellishments, but we like them simple. Following these directions you’ll get a very large “ring” that would be fun to use as a hand puppet for songs or story retelling.

If you want a more practical ring for Halloween or other activities, then I would suggest using four stems that are half the size of regular stems (or two full size ones cut in half).  Then you get cute little spiders like the one below.

Spider ring 2

So far we’ve been using our spiders to sing songs and tell stories, but they often end up as holiday decorations when they aren’t use. Lovey especially likes to hide them in places to scare her little sister…and sometimes mommy, too!

easy Halloween decoration

spider decoration

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And Don’t Forget to Read Some Great Books About Spiders, Too!

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  1. The spider rings are adorable! I shared them on my blog today. I’m making them for my Halloween party prizes.

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