Dinosaur Books

This week we have a second list of dinosaur books for all the dinosaur lovers out there. Our first list focused on nonfiction Dinosaur Books and is a great list for learning about dinosaurs. This list includes silly, funny and sweet stories about dinosaurs. Dinosaur lovers will enjoy this list!

Dinosaur Picture Books

Dinosaur Picture Books

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The Voyage of Turtle Rex by Kurt Cyrus – The Voyage of Turtle Rex focuses on prehistoric turtles and the dangers they encountered. The story is very similar to turtles today and their life cycle, the biggest difference was their size and neighbors. Littles ones that enjoy dinosaurs, turtles or sea life will enjoy this book.

Dinosaur vs. School by Bob Shea – Dinosaur is starting preschool and is so excited to see what he can do. This is a great book for being loud and talking about all the things your can do when you try. This book was also on your First Day of School book list.

How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? By Jane Yolen – How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? Has been a favorite at our house for a long time. We even have the audio CD so we can listen to the book in the car. This book is one in a series that is fun, silly and reminds kids of what they should and should not do. If your dinosaur lover has not read this or one of the other books in this series, be sure to check them out.

How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday?

How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends?

How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You?

How Do Dinosaurs Say I’m Mad!

How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Room?

How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?

How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten?

And many more….

Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs by Ian Whybrow – Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs is a sweet story of a boy and the bucketful of dinosaurs he finds in the attic. Harry loves his dinosaurs and knows them each by name. When he leaves them on the train, he must name each one to be able to claim them. This book is fun and sweet and a great read for young dinosaur lovers.

Dino-Football  by Lisa Wheeler – In Dino Football, the Greenblade Snackers face the Redscales in the Mega Sunday Bowl. The rhyming story follows each team through the game as they fight for the win. For football and dinosaur lovers this is a must read. This book was also included on our football book list.

Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp by Carol Diggory Shields – In Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp we see the moves the dinosaurs have when they decide to boggy. This fun story is told through rhyme and a great read for all kids.

Dinosaur Dig! by Penny Dale – Dinosaur Dig is book that has construction site fun, dinosaurs and counting all rolled in one. The dinosaurs work together to build a pool to play in. This is a fun book for readers that like construction work, dinosaurs and counting. Penny Dale also wrote Dinosaur Zoom! and Dinosaur Rescue!

Dinosaur Dream by Dennis Nolan – Dinosaur Dream tells the story of Wilbur who finds a baby dinosaur outside his room one night. Wilbur then begins a long and dangerous journey to take the baby dinosaur back to his family. The illustrations and style of this book remind me of the Polar Express.

The Three Little Dinosaurs by Jim Harris – The Three Little Dinosaurs tells the tale of three Brachiosaurs and a big bad T-Rex. The ending for this story has a twist that little ones will enjoy. This is a good one to use for comparing different Three Little Pig stories. This book was included on our Three Little Pigs book list, I liked the book so much I want to share it again.

What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night: A Very Messy Adventure by Refe Tuma – What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night is a fun book that explores what the dinosaurs did last night while you slept. The book has photographs of toy dinosaurs getting into trouble around the house.

When Dinosaurs Came with Everything by Elise Broach – When Dinosaurs Came with Everything tells the story of the day stores are gave away free dinosaurs. The little boy is thrilled but his mom is not sure until she finds a great use for the new family member. This is a fun book for dinosaur lovers that would enjoy a dinosaur pet.

Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin – Dragons Love Tacos and any type or variety of tacos will do. When you serve them, make sure you have several bucketfulls of tacos and NO hot sauce. Readers will enjoy this silly and over the top story of what dinosaurs will eat.

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs by Mo Willems – Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs is a very different version of the original tale. In this story, the dinosaurs set a trap hoping for a curious girl to come along that they can catch and eat. I love this comical version that includes HUGE bowls of chocolate pudding and GIANT chairs. As slick as the dinosaurs try to be, thankfully Goldilocks figures out the trap just in time and escapes. I loved this book and thought it was a great book to include from our Goldilocks and the Three Bears list.

What are your favorite picture books about dinosaurs? Let us know in the comments.

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