Crumpled Paper Fall Art for Kids

In the fall we love to do a mix of learning activities, sensory play, arts and crafts. Since we don’t get the beautiful colors of fall on our trees here in Florida, we like adding a little color to our walls this season with art like this fall craft inspired by Buggy and Buddy’s gorgeous crumpled paper art. If you’re looking for art to make any time of year, check out how they created their crumpled paper art.

Crumpled Paper Tree Fall Craft for Kids


Materials for Crumpled Paper Art

Fall Art Procedures

For this activity I chose to pre-cut the white construction paper into rectangles. Older kids with more fine motor control can tear the paper into rectangles if you’d like.

Then we crumpled the rectangles. This is great fine motor practice for kids. I encouraged Tinker to crumple it and squeeze it as tight as she could to make small paper balls.

Crumpling Paper-Fine Motor Activity

Then she used the pipette to squeeze colored water onto each paper ball. I let her add as much as she wanted.  Because we were working one on one I was comfortable using food coloring which is not washable. However, if I were setting this up for a group of kids or a classroom setting I would definitely use washable liquid watercolors.

Crumbled Paper Process Art for Kids

Then we let them dry and we repeated the process again.

Preschool Fall Art Activity

After spreading out all the papers we used them to make a fall tree. I pre-cut the tree trunk for Tinker. I also cut a strip of green paper for grass, and Tinker used scissors to fringe cut grass. Her older sister made her own tree trunk and grass for the tree craft.

Fall Tree Craft for Kids

We love the fall colors in the finished fall art, and they look great hanging up in our playroom. The mixture of fine motor practice, color mixing, process art and a fall craft make this a great activity to incorporate into your fall theme.

Fall Art for Kids-Crumpled Paper Tree Craft

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