Cool Snowflake Videos for Kids

Living in Florida we will only be able to see snow if we travel, so it can be hard for kids to visualize what snow is like. Even if you live in an area where it snows often kids are fascinated with the idea that each snowflake is unique. While we’ve been learning about snowflakes we’ve discovered some fun videos that kids will enjoy and learn from. Below there are a couple songs for preschoolers and some educational videos for school age kids.

Cool Snowflake Videos for Kids~Help kids learn about snowflakes with these fun videos for preschoolers and school age kids

All of the videos below that are available on YouTube have been added to this playlist. I hope this makes it easier for you to enjoy them at home and in the classroom.


Snowflake Videos for Preschool Kids

Title: Little Snowflake (Super Simple Songs on YouTube)

Description: This is a slow tempo song that young kids will enjoy. Simple lyrics make it easier for even toddlers to join in. Kids can also dance along and act out the different locations the snowflake lands.

Duration: 2:48

Title: Snowflakes: Winter Action Song for Kids (Intellidancing on YouTube)

Description: This video shows two variations of a winter action song about snowflakes. It would be a great movement activity for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.

Snowflake Videos for School Age Kids

Title: How Do Snowflakes Form? (BrainPOP)

Description: Tim and Moby investigate how snowflakes form and whether they are really all different. After watching the video kids can also participate in various followup activities like a quiz, further reading, and more

Duration: 2:49

Title: Snowflake Watching (Discovery TV on YouTube)

Description: Physicist Ken Libbrecht explains how snowflakes are formed and discusses the scientific process of investigating snow crystals.

Duration: 3:30

Title: Frozen Planet: End of Earth (BBCFanable on YouTube)

Description: This brief video gives a quick glimpse at the formation of snowflakes. It would make a great introduction video to catch students attention at the beginning of a lesson on snowflakes.

Duration: 1:20

Title: The Science of Snowflakes (It’s Okay to be Smart on YouTube)

Description: This video explores the question of whether all snowflakes are unique in more depth than the previous videos.

Duration: 5:59

Title: Make Your Own Snowflake on Hopscotch (Hopscotch: Programming for Kids on YouTube)

Description: This is a full tutorial for using the Hopscotch app to build your own snowflake. It’s a fun way for kids to learn about begin programming, especially if they are using this or a similar app during their school activities.

Duration: 9:54

More Resources for Teaching Kids About Snowflakes

This website includes a photo galleries and some terrific information for teaching kids about snowflakes.

Our list of books about snow also includes some informative nonfiction books about snowflakes.

I hope these videos and resources are helpful as you and your kids are learning about snowflakes together. If I missed a great video, please let me know in the comments so we can check it out!


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