Christmas Sensory Bin and Ways to Extend Learning

I love putting together a new sensory bin for the kids. Last week the kids started exploring our new Christmas sensory bin. Watching them as they dig into it the first time is always so much fun. I am always intrigued by the different ways the kids utilize the elements of the bin.

Christmas Sensory Bin and Learning Activities for Kids

Big Buddy usually lines up all of the items when he first plays with a new sensory bin.

Sorting and Patterning with Sensory Bins

Lovey usually looks for things that make sounds or have a scent.

Sense of Smell Activities with Christmas Sensory Bin

Tinker looks for things to gather. She quickly recognized these sparkly stars and spent a long time collecting all of them one-by-one to bring and show me. I love her sweet baby talk, “Tar, Mommy, Tar!”

Developing vocabulary with sensory bins for toddlers

Why play with sensory bins?

If you haven’t used sensory bins yet or if you are not sure why you would, The Outlaw Mom gives a good, brief description of sensory bins and their benefits.

Our Christmas Sensory Bin

Christmas Sensory Bin

The bin is full of small pieces that remind us of Christmas. Some of the items include:

  • Leaves and flowers from fake poinsettia plants as the base
  • Different size jingle bells
  • A basket, a bag, and a small stocking
  • Star-shaped battery operated tea lights
  • Small gift boxes
  • Pine cones-some natural, some covered with glitter in various colors
  • Stars in various colors
  • Ribbon of various lengths and colors
  • Small plastic tree ornaments in various finishes
  • Small plastic containers with scented cotton balls (cinnamon, vanilla, peppermint)

Ways We Will Extend the Use of Our Sensory Bin

Starting this bin a few weeks before Christmas will give us many opportunities to use it in different ways.

Exploring: This first week I will simply leave the bin out for the kids to explore on their own. This self-directed learning and sensory exploration is the primary focus of sensory bins.  The kids will feel the different textures, smell the scents, and observe the objects. During this time I will also watch to see what they are naturally doing with the objects so I can decide which activities we might do next.

In the next week or so once I see that the kids are done freely exploring the bin, I will start using some of these options for extending its use. These are more adult-directed than free exploration, but they will allow us to focus on specific skills.

Language Development:

  • Name objects in the bin for Tinker (20 months) and ask her to locate them.  As she is able, ask her to pick up an object and name it.
  • Name the colors of objects in the bin.
  • Play “I Spy” with Lovey (3 years) by describing an object using its physical description (color, shape, size, texture).
  • Smell the scented items. Talk about what those scents remind you of.
  • Make up a story using some of the items in the sensory bin.


  • Choose a kind of object. Find all of those items in the sensory bin. Count how many in all.
  • Choose two different kinds of objects. Find all of those items in the sensory bin. Count how many of each. Then compare the two numbers (more, less, the same).
  • Roll a number cube (with either dots, numbers, or number words). Find that many objects.
  • Roll a number cube. Decide what number is one more than the number rolled. Then find that many objects.
  • Roll a number cube. Decide what number is one less than the number rolled. Then find that many objects.

Sorting: Sort objects from the bin by:

  • Color
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Texture


  • Select some of the objects and make a pattern.
  • If your child is just beginning patterning, make a pattern for the child. Then ask him or her to copy it or extend the pattern.

More Resources for Christmas Sensory Bins

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Are you making a Christmas sensory bin? What will be in it?

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