Preschool Snowflake Activities

Snowflakes are captivating for little ones even if it doesn’t snow where you live. We always love learning about snowflakes as part of our winter theme activities. My buddy Mary Catherine of Fun-A-Day! and I have been busily working behind the scenes to compile all of our best activities into weekly printable lesson plans for you to use in the classroom or at home. Here’s a glimpse at some of our favorite preschool snowflake activities. Preschool Snowflake Theme Activities Snowflake Literacy Activities {Read More}

Winter Counting Art Snowflake Emergent Reader

Art. Math. Science. Reading. Sensory Play. Outdoor play. Pretend play. Social skills. Self-help skills. There is SOOOO much to to incorporate into our busy days with preschoolers and kindergarteners, so whenever I can I love to do activities that touch on a variety of key areas. It saves planning time, exposes kids to a variety of skills, and gives us extra time in our day to do other things.  We recently used the snowflake emergent reader for our snowflake lesson {Read More}

Snowflake Segmentation Printable Mat

Developing phonemic awareness is a crucial component to later reading and writing success, but don’t worry. Many early childhood activities like singing songs, reciting nursery rhymes and more help kids with these important skills. There’s a full continuum of phonological and phonemic awareness skills that kids progress through. Today we’re sharing an activity from our snowflake theme lesson plans to help kids with segmentation. Use our free printable snowflake segmentation mats and these steps to practice with your kids one {Read More}

Hot Chocolate Sensory Activities

We had so much fun trying some of the Hot Chocolate Math and Science Activities that I wanted to build on the enthusiasm and continue with this fun theme.  As delicious as hot chocolate and marshmallows smell, I thought- why not involve the senses with some hot chocolate sensory activities?   Hot Chocolate Sensory Play Whenever we are stuck inside on a cold or rainy day or just looking for a boredom buster, I love to grab a sensory bin {Read More}

Hot Chocolate Math and Science Activities

As soon as the temperature starts to drop, we love to welcome the seasonal change with some hot chocolate and marshmallows.  Recently, as we were pouring our marshmallows into our cups, it turned into an impromptu counting game.  My preschooler insisted that she wanted the most, so we compared the numbers in each cup to make sure that she had the largest amount.  Whenever a favorite tasty treat can take on different forms of fun and learning, it’s a winning {Read More}

Kid-Made Snowman Treat

During the month of December we have a couple of family movie nights as part of our Christmas advent calendar activities. This year when we watched Frosty the Snowman the girls made this adorable snowman treat. Since you only need a handful of ingredients I think it makes a cute snack for home or the classroom. You can use it like we did or incorporate it into a snowman or winter theme for school. Either way it’s a sweet kid-made {Read More}

Snowball Addition Doubles Math Activity

We’ve been having fun with snow themed activities lately. Last year we used these little snowmen to practice counting and one-to-one correspondence.  Since my oldest is in first grade this year I decided to repurpose them into an addition activity to practice doubles facts. If you have a preschooler or kindergartener this activity can easily be modified to practice early addition skills too. Why Doubles Facts? If you have a kindergartener or first grader who is beginning to learn doubles {Read More}

Pretend Snow Arctic Small World Sensory Play

One morning before school Tinker announced “Mommy, I’d really like to do a project when I get home.” I asked her whether she wanted to play a game, make something, or get messy. The way her eyes lit up at the “get messy” part of my question was adorable, so I gathered a few items and made some pretend snow.  Since it’s finally colder where we live, I thought she’d love it. Originally I planned to only have the pretend snow in a sensory {Read More}

Icy Snowman Winter Sensory Play Science Experiment

While it may not be practical to build a snowman indoors, you can bring some of the sensory fun inside with this icy snowman decorating activity. After we decorated our snowman, we tried a classic science experiment to see how we could melt him the fastest. One day before the girls got home for school I froze water in a muffin tin. Then I cut some basic items for snowman decorating out of craft foam (affiliate links). I also grabbed some {Read More}

Marble Painted Snowflake Craft Winter Art for Kids

It isn’t snowing here in Florida but we did have our first cold snap. All the winter coats, hats, and gloves have my little ones daydreaming of snowflakes. One afternoon after school we decided to make some snowflakes of our own using the classic marble painting technique we’ve used before to make fish art. We used paper to make our snowflakes, but you could also use coffee filters. I wasn’t sure how the lightweight coffee filters would stand up to {Read More}