14 Healthy Valentine’s Day Snacks

Valentine’s Day is a fun time to show your love to the ones you love most.  But too often that comes in the form of sweet and sugary treats.  I’m always looking for a way trade in the artificial flavors and sugars for a healthy alternative.  With just a little bit of planning and lots of fruits and veggies, you can provide healthy Valentine’s Day snacks that will still hit the sweet spot! Whether you’re looking for something school approved {Read More}

Healthy Valentine’s Day Snack

While I like making special snacks for my girls, I also need for them to be super simple to make. This healthy Valentine’s Day snack is perfect. We used ours for an after school snack. They’d also be great for kids to make during a class Valentine’s day party, or you can prepare them ahead of time for any Valentine’s day gathering. Ingredients Strawberries-Use a sharp knife to cut a small V in the top to make them look like {Read More}

Valentine’s Day Math Adding Doubles Free Printable

I mentioned in our snowball math activity that my first grader is working on doubles facts. If you’re not familiar with doubles facts they are an addition strategy that can used to solve basic math problems. By first learning the basic doubles facts (3+3=6, 8+8=16, etc), children can use that knowledge to help them solve near doubles facts and more complex problems. So far Lovey has mastered the doubles facts for 0 to 5, but she still struggles to recall {Read More}

Puffy Heart Craft

Arts and crafts with simple materials are the best! Today’s project is just that! You’ll only need a few basic craft supplies to make this puffy heart craft. Paint them anyway you like. Then use them for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or just because. Materials Affiliate links included. Grab some cotton balls, cardboard, glue, and paint. Cut the cardboard into any shape you prefer. We chose hearts because we’ll be displaying these for Valentine’s Day. Create Your Own Puffy Heart {Read More}

DIY Heart Stamp Art for Kids

Years back we discovered that clothespins make a great tool for painting projects. They are the perfect since for toddlers and preschooler to grasp. We often use them to paint with pom poms. Recently we used them to make a simple DIY heart stamp set. Kids can use them to create Valentine’s art, cards for others, and murals. Make Your Own DIY Heart Stamps Affiliate links included. Use a hot glue gun to attach the end of a clothespin to {Read More}

Creation Station Valentine’s Day Art for Kids

Long ago we shared about our art creation station. It’s one of our solutions for keeping art materials available and encouraging both independence and creativity. Although I haven’t mentioned it in a while, our creation station is still a well-used part of our craft area, and we often create mini creation stations to go along with holidays or themes the girls are interested in. Right now they are crazy for all the hearts, pinks, reds, and purples, that are all around {Read More}

Easy Heart Craft Suncatcher With No Contact Paper

I’ve mentioned before how much fun my girls have with tape. We keep a large selection of decorative tape in our craft area for their use. Last week when Tinker handed me an envelope creatively secured with nearly an entire roll of tape, I decided it was time to make a new tape craft. These easy heart suncatchers are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. We made them without contact paper so they aren’t sticky. That means you have a few different {Read More}

Valentine’s Day Activity-Candy Heart Water Play

We always have a lot of fun with water play. Whether we’re using flower petals, marshmallows or any random collection we find outdoors, I always love watching the direction the play goes and all the learning that happens naturally along the way. With Valentine’s Day coming up we thought we put some of our candy hearts to good use and use them in this easy water play activity. This post contains affiliate links. We started with a plastic bin full of {Read More}

Candy-Free Valentine Free Printable~You’re so TWEET!

Last week we shared our fairy theme DIY valentines. The girls will also be giving out these bird theme valentines to some of their classmates. They make a great candy-free valentine gift that kids can enjoy playing with even after Valentine’s Day is over. DIY Bird Valentine Free Printable This post contains affiliate links. As I mentioned before the Safari Ltd. Toobs are just the right size for attaching to DIY valentines. For our bird theme we used the Backyard Birds Toob. {Read More}

Heart Sculptures Inspired by 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids

This post contains affiliate links. Last year I had the opportunity to watch my friend, Asia from Fun at Home with Kids, undertake the book-writing process from beginning to end. It was amazing to watch her journey from a book idea, through the writing and publishing process and to finally hold an incredible finished book in her hands. 150+ Screen-Free Activities for Kids is full of fun and inspiring play ideas to do with kids. When we first got our copy the {Read More}