Preschool Ladybug Art

Whether we plan to or not, somehow ladybugs always enter are activities in the spring. About two weeks ago my oldest daughter found a ladybug while we were playing outside. She decided to create a ladybug habitat for it, and so began another venture in all things ladybug. My youngest daughter enjoys painting, so one day after school we decided to create some ladybug art. No paint brushes required! Create Your Own Ladybug Art This is a two-day project so {Read More}

Ladybug Math Game

My girls love ladybugs. We’ve started spotting some in our yard recently, so I thought we’d have a little fun with a ladybug theme for this month’s Virtual Book Club for Kids. This ladybug math game can be adapted for toddlers, preschoolers, and children in early elementary school. It incorporates scooping, pouring, sensory play, and math. This post contains affiliate links. The Virtual Book Club for Kids is reading books by Mem Fox this month.  Yoo-Hoo, Ladybug! was a perfect choice {Read More}

Ladybug Activities

This month the Virtual Book Club for Kids is reading books by one of my favorite nonfiction children’s authors, Gail Gibbons. Earlier this month I shared some ideas for using books by Gail Gibbons to inspire a little summer learning. Today I’m excited to share the activities we did for this theme. For your convenience this post contains Amazon affiliate links. Although we love many of the books by Gail Gibbons, it was very easy to choose Ladybugs as our book for this month. {Read More}