How to Make a Roly Poly Habitat with Kids

On our walks to school lately the girls have been spotting roly-polies, lots of them! After the third day of collecting them and releasing them my first grader asked if we could make a home for them and learn more about them. Well of course we can! Over the next few days we made a roly-poly habitat and learn more about these little bugs! Affiliate links included. As we got started making our roly-poly habitat, I remembered seeing a great {Read More}

Butterfly Garden Play Dough Invitation

The girls’ grandma bought them a nature tube with beautiful butterflies during a recent visit, and we’ve been waiting for spring to arrive so we could use them for this butterfly garden play dough invitation. In the past we’ve created bug play dough and garden play dough, but we’ve never had butterflies until now! We’ve had this beautiful invitation out for weeks now, and the girls haven’t grown tired of making colorful butterfly gardens yet. Materials Affiliate links included Play {Read More}

Preschool Ladybug Art

Whether we plan to or not, somehow ladybugs always enter are activities in the spring. About two weeks ago my oldest daughter found a ladybug while we were playing outside. She decided to create a ladybug habitat for it, and so began another venture in all things ladybug. My youngest daughter enjoys painting, so one day after school we decided to create some ladybug art. No paint brushes required! Create Your Own Ladybug Art This is a two-day project so {Read More}

Easy Butterfly Craft Ring

When we have a little extra time after school my oldest daughter and I like to doodle. One day we were sitting at the table drawing butterflies, and she said “I wish we could make these fly.” I said, “Let’s give it a try.” So we took a little time to make this easy butterfly craft that can “fly”…well sort of. In addition to a fun after school craft, these can also be used in the classroom or at home for {Read More}

Bug Play Dough Invitation

Welcoming spring also means welcoming all of our bug friends back, and the girls have been having fun playing with some of their long lost pals outside. This bug play dough invitation was inspired by their love of all things creepy crawly, but don’t worry your little one doesn’t have to like bugs to have fun with this bug play dough invitation. Materials This post contains affiliate links. Playdough made from a recipe in The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book and Wilton {Read More}

Caterpillar Name Activity

Anytime learning activities can include movement and play they tend to be a hit in our house. This caterpillar name activity  combines the fun of a scavenger hunt with learning name recognition and even a little bit of pretend play. You’ll need an egg carton, plastic eggs, chenille stems, googly eyes, a permanent marker, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Start by preparing the caterpillar ahead of time by cutting one long section that includes a cup for each letter {Read More}

Ladybug Math Game

My girls love ladybugs. We’ve started spotting some in our yard recently, so I thought we’d have a little fun with a ladybug theme for this month’s Virtual Book Club for Kids. This ladybug math game can be adapted for toddlers, preschoolers, and children in early elementary school. It incorporates scooping, pouring, sensory play, and math. This post contains affiliate links. The Virtual Book Club for Kids is reading books by Mem Fox this month.  Yoo-Hoo, Ladybug! was a perfect choice {Read More}

Tissue Paper Art Symmetry Butterfly Craft

Since we first tried bleeding tissue art we’ve been having fun experimenting with different ways to use it and crafts to make. Now that we’ve been raising butterflies at home, Lovey wanted to create some butterflies. We tried a new tissue paper art method to make this butterfly craft, and we even incorporated a little bit of math along the way. Materials This post contains affiliate links. Bleeding Art Tissue-Regular tissue paper will not work. The package must say “bleeding art {Read More}

Easy Paper Butterfly Craft

Whether we’re observing, learning, or creating my kids are fascinated by butterfly activities. But one thing my oldest is not fascinated by is cutting. She has never really enjoyed projects that involve cutting although she does do a lot of other fine motor activities. So when possible I try to introduce an activity that involves a little bit of cutting and a craft this is of high interest to her…in this case butterflies! For quiet time one week I set {Read More}

Spring Flower Butterfly Craft

Today is the last day of our Spring Play Days series with Fun-A-Day!, Nothing if Not Intentional , Buggy and Buddy, and Twodaloo. All these amazing ideas this week have me even more excited about spring! I hope you’ve enjoyed the series as much as we have. After we finished our flower garden play dough I wanted to use the fresh flowers another way before they began to dry up. We came up with this flower butterfly craft, and I just adore {Read More}