Roll and Color Easter Math Game

We love playing roll and color math games to practice early number sense skills. For our Easter theme we used decorative Easter eggs to set up our roll and color game set. In preschool and kindergarten children will learn to read number words through a variety of activities. This helps them with math, but it also gives them an advantage in reading. Some of the number words are high frequency (or sight) words that you’ll find on the dolch lists, and {Read More}

Jumping Jelly Bean Painting

After a couple of not so great visits to the dentist we’re working on cutting out unnecessary sugar from our diet. So far that’s going well, and my girls are on board. But have you noticed alllll the candy that comes home around the holidays? I know you have! We’re finding creative ways to put some of it to use. By using it for fun activities like this Jumping Jelly Bean Painting, the girls aren’t quite as sad about not eating {Read More}

Jelly Bean Science Experiment

Simple science experiments are a meaningful way to get kids into the habit of thinking like scientists. It’s especially helpful when kids can take the lead in determining the steps and make their own observations. That’s exactly what Tinker did in this jelly bean science experiment. I’ve mentioned before in our bubble science post how much we love The Curious Kids’ Science book (affiliate). Since Tinker did the gummy bear exploration in that book, she’s been curious to see how different {Read More}

Spring Chick Play Dough Invitation

The girls were so engaged in last week’s bunny play dough invitation that I decided to set up another quick invitation for spring. With just a few materials you can put together a quick spring chick activity like this one. It can be for a spring, Easter, or farm theme. Materials This post contains affiliate links. Play dough made from a recipe in The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book and Wilton Icing Colors Assorted googly eyes Black jewel buttons Yellow feathers Chenille stems {Read More}

Bunny Play Dough Invitation

Although the girls still play with play dough often we haven’t created a new invitation to share with you in a while. One day after school I set up this Easter inspired bunny play dough invitation, and the girls jumped right in. Materials This post contains affiliate links. Play dough made from a recipe in The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book and Wilton Icing Colors Wilton comfort grip bunny cutter and and bunny cutter with tail Assorted googly eyes Pastel Buttons Pony beads Chenille stems {Read More}

10 Healthy Easter Snacks Kids Will LOVE

We love all the treats and goodies that come along with holidays, but it’s also fun to incorporate some healthy snacks along the way. We’ve gathered some healthy Easter snacks for kids that we are excited to try over the next few weeks. They can be fun to make ahead of time for your kids, but we also like to treat them like artistic invitations. Gather the ingredients and invite older kids to create their own healthy Easter snacks inspired by {Read More}

How To Make a Crystal Egg Easter Craft

I’ve seen many articles describing how to make a crystal. It’s one of those activities that kids LOVE, and I’ve been waiting to make some crystals with my girls for a while.  With Easter coming I thought it would be really fun to see if we could make them in the shape of Easter eggs. Materials for Making Crystals Pipe cleaners Borax Bamboo Skewer (or similar object) String Boiling Water Glass bowl or jar with large opening How to Make {Read More}

Bleeding Tissue Paper Art Chick Easter Craft

While looking at our special area for displaying holiday decorations that the girls have made over the years, Lovey decided we didn’t have enough put up for Easter. Never mind the array of eggs, birds, and bunnies that adorn our cabinets. She decided we needed something else, so I took a peek at our craft supplies and came up with this idea for an Easter craft. A while back we tried bleeding tissue paper art. There are many different process {Read More}

Yarn Egg Easter Craft

We’ve been having a lot of fun with Easter activities lately. The kids have been setting up their own egg hunts with plastic Easter eggs almost daily. When I saw this beautiful bright colored yarn at the store the other day, I knew it would make an adorable Easter craft. We ended up making these beautiful yarn wrapped Easter eggs inspired by the yarn-wrapped rainbows from School Time Snippets. All you need for these eggs is a piece of cardboard, {Read More}

Bunny Hop ABC Game

After using our plastic eggs to play our Easter Name Game, I wanted to play an ABC Game with the kids. This one is fun to play inside or outside depending on the weather. Bunny Hop ABC Game To get ready I wrote the ABCs on a set of plastic eggs. I chose to write the uppercase letter on one half and the lowercase letter on the other half so we can also use our eggs for an upper- and {Read More}