31 Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids

Jack-o-lanterns, costumes, and candy, oh my! Halloween is an exciting time of year. From decorations and parties to costumes and trick-or-treating, there’s lots of fun to be had.  But it also brings plenty of opportunities for sugar overload.  Everywhere you look, candy and treats are just waiting to be devoured.  It’s nice to have healthy Halloween snack options that are fun treats, minus all the sugar. Whether you need a cute school approved snack to send in for the classroom {Read More}

Spider Babies Fine Motor Play

Whether you’re getting ready for a spider theme or planning some engaging Halloween activities for you kids, this spider babies fine motor activity is easy to set up and fun for kids. We did this as part of our spider theme lesson plans. The kids enjoyed that challenge, and they liked learning that many spider babies really are carried on their mother’s backs. Materials for the Activity Affiliate links Free Spider Babies Fine Motor Mat Jumbo Tweezers Plastic Toy Spiders Books {Read More}

Monstrous List of Monster Crafts for Kids

Eeeek! Monster! Monsters don’t have to be scary.  They can be fun and silly at the same time.  What is really fun about exploring monsters with kids, is letting their imaginations run wild.  There’s no right way to make a monster.  Whether your monster has one eye, twelve eyes, or six arms, monsters are the perfect way to engage little ones in process art. We’ve taken the fright out of crafting with monsters and put together a MONSTROUS list of monster {Read More}

Bat Headband Halloween Craft

Headband crafts can add silliness to your day, and they can also be used to support learning activities. In the past we’ve made spider headbands and monster headbands. This year we decided to make bat headbands as a fun Halloween craft. Make them after you read some books about bats. Then wear your headbands to retell stories, act out new stories, sing songs, or just to be silly flying around like pretend bats! You’ll only need a few basic craft supplies {Read More}

5 Little Pumpkins Threading Fine Motor Halloween Activity

Since we first made our button worm apple threading activity Tinker has been toting it around in the car and playing with it while we wait in the car line for her big sister to get out of school. Because she’s having so much fun with it I thought we’d create another version for Halloween. This one goes along with the popular 5 Little Pumpkins rhyme, so it was an instant hit around here. Materials This post contains affiliate links. {Read More}

Yarn Painted Spider Web Halloween Craft

One year we did an entire Y is for Yarn theme, and one of the activities the kids loved was painting with yarn. It’s a simple technique that can used in so many different ways. Whether kids choose to bounce the yarn on the painting surface or drag strands of yarn across the surface they always enjoy seeing the designs that they can make. We recently used this technique again to make yarn painted spider webs to display as an {Read More}

Halloween Process Art Spider Web Paintings

We first tried painting with dough cutters last year when we made our turkey paintings. Because dough cutters make a nice straight line I thought it would be fun to experiment with them to make spider web paintings. This is a quick and easy activity you can set up in five minutes or less, so it’s perfect for incorporating some seasonal art into a busy schedule. All you’ll need is paper, black paint, a dough cutter (try different sizes and {Read More}

Silly Monster Craft Collage Art

Did you grow up in a neighborhood where all the kids played together? You know the kind where kids couldn’t wait to get home to play. The kind where school afternoons led to hours of running, creating, and memory making with all the neighborhood kids. I didn’t know they still exist. But somehow with our recent move we lucked into one of those old school neighborhoods, and we are all loving it. Most days the kids play outdoors and come up with {Read More}

Spider Puppet Halloween Craft

I have always loved making our spider headband craft with kids in the classroom and at home.  It’s a sure bet for creating some giggles around here! This year I decided we’d try a bit of a twist on that classic favorite and create spider puppets. They make a cute Halloween craft to hang, but this way the girls can also use them for playtime. We’ve used them to act out The Itsy Bitsy Spider, make up our own spider plays, {Read More}

Pumpkin Counting and Number Line Activities

We’ve been having a little Halloween math fun by creating our own counting jack-o-lanterns and using them for number line activities. You won’t need many materials, but you’ll be able to practice a ton of early math skills. For the activity we used orange paper plates. I had small plates, but I would probably choose larger ones if I did the activity again. We also had black number stickers and black construction paper cut into a variety of shapes for {Read More}