Fall Process Art for Kids

It is still 84 degrees out, and frankly it’s not feeling very much like fall around here. That means we have to make our own fall! After school we’ll be doing some fall process art activities inspired by some of our favorites around the web. Gather up some natural materials like acorns and pinecones. Grab some pumpkins. Add in a bit of a paint and few odds and ends, and you can join in too! Fall Process Art Kids experiment {Read More}

Rolling Runaway Pumpkin Painting Fall Process Art

Is there a certain activity your kids bring up all the time? You know, the one they wish they could do again and again. We have a few, but by far the most frequently mentioned activity is painting with rocks.  I think it’s the combinations of big art, messy play, and collaborative work that made that process art project stand out in their minds…and in mine. During the fall we always read The Runaway Pumpkin and Sixteen Runaway Pumpkins, and so {Read More}

20 Healthy Fall Snacks for Kids

Fall is in the air!  And the delicious smells of pumpkin, apples, and cinnamon will soon be filling my kitchen!  The kitchen is one of my children’s favorite places to be.  Okay, maybe it’s because they are total foodies, but they also love to help prepare food!  It is one of our favorite ways to spend time together, while providing a great opportunity to teach some basic measurement and math skills.  If we can combine quality time that is educational {Read More}

Free Printable Roll and Color Fall Math

Practicing math facts isn’t always fun, but it’s important. By making math practice more like a game kids can learn a lot without it feeling like “work.” This free printable roll and color math set is a great way to practice adding numbers zero to five and making doubles. At home you can use this game as a fun way to practice math facts. Set it up after school or during homework time. In the classroom this makes a wonderful {Read More}

Apple Ten Frame Fine Motor Math

In the fall we like to use apples for a lot of hands-on learning.In the past we’ve used “falling” apples to practice addition. We’ve done apple threading to spell our names and other words. And we’ve tried this fun fine motor twist on “bobbing” for apples. This year we added an extra fun challenge to our math time with this apple ten frame fine motor math activity. Use it to practice a variety of math skills while trying to balance the {Read More}

Ten Apples Up on Top Play Dough

Fall and apples  go hand and hand for us, so we always like to find some new ways to play and learn with apples this time of year. Recently my youngest child learned to read Ten Apples Up on Top all by herself, and she’s very proud. She’s been reading it over and over again, so I thought we’d do some follow up activities to go along with her enthusiasm. This is also a terrific book to use at home {Read More}

Apple Tree Play Dough Invitation

Do you get to go apple picking in your area? We would love to go apple picking. Unfortunately we live in an area where there are no apple trees, so we have to make do with our own creative ideas. This apple tree play dough invitation is our little twist on on apple-inspired loose parts play and “apple picking.” Apple Tree Play Dough Invitation Materials Red, yellow, green and brown play dough-We added a bit of apple pie spice to {Read More}

Pumpkin Patch Loop Fall Art

Did you doodle as a kid? During our quiet time Tinker and I have been doing a bit of doodling together, and she’s learned to make squiggles. I thought it would be fun to turn some of those squiggles into a fun fall art activity. One day after school we turned squiggle drawings into a fall pumpkin patch painting. This post contains affiliate links. You’ll need a brown crayon, watercolors, and watercolor paper for this activity. We used various shades {Read More}

Falling Leaves Math Activity

The girls had so much fun with our falling apples addition activity that I wanted to build on that enthusiasm with another fall inspired math activity. This is a quick and fun way to practice counting or beginning addition. Falling Leaves Math All you need are some fall leaves–real or from the store depending on what is available to you–and a container. Place leaves in the container. We used 10 leaves so we could practice counting and number combinations for 10, {Read More}

Crumpled Paper Fall Art for Kids

In the fall we love to do a mix of learning activities, sensory play, arts and crafts. Since we don’t get the beautiful colors of fall on our trees here in Florida, we like adding a little color to our walls this season with art like this fall craft inspired by Buggy and Buddy’s gorgeous crumpled paper art. If you’re looking for art to make any time of year, check out how they created their crumpled paper art. Materials Pipettes Water {Read More}