Free Printable Christmas Ornament Play Dough Mats

We’re admittedly play dough fanatics around here. There is always at least one play dough invitation out and ready to play with at our house. They get a ton of use, and there is so much potential for learning that I’m always inspired to create a new version. Although we’ve made reindeer play dough, gingerbread play dough, peppermint play dough, and more over the years, we’ve never made Christmas ornament play dough. Clearly it was time to give it a try, and {Read More}

Candy Cane Play Dough Writing Tray

The girls have enjoyed using our play dough writing tray to practice forming letters and writing spelling words, so I thought we’d make a new tray with a holiday twist.  Sometimes changing just a couple of elements can give an activity brand new appeal. This candy cane play dough writing tray is perfect for writing activities during the month of December. Candy Cane Play Dough Writing Tray Materials Affiliate links included. Play Dough-We used red and white play dough with {Read More}

Shape Reindeer Collage Art and Math

After seeing how much fun my own kids and many of you had making shape monsters, we decided to continue the creative fun with a Christmas twist. We used our shape reindeer set and some collage materials we had in our craft stash to make some adorably unique reindeer collage art. Along the way we learned about shapes, and we’ll be continuing on with some literacy and math extension activities using our reindeer. Materials for Shape Reindeer (affiliate links) Take a {Read More}

Free Printable Christmas Tree Number Matching Math Activity

My kindergartener had so much fun with our roll and color fall leaves and our roll and color turkey feather sets that it just made sense to go ahead and make a Christmas version too. I think we’ll be making quite a few of these sets in the future.  Kids love them, and they are an engaging, hands-on way to practice early math skills. In this free printable Christmas tree number matching activity kids get the chance to practice number recognition as they {Read More}

25 Healthy Christmas Snacks

The holidays are a busy and exciting time of year filled with to-do lists, gatherings, and lots of sugary treats!  But holiday cheer doesn’t have to be found in a baked good or piece of candy. You can serve festive and healthy Christmas snacks that are low on sugar and high in nutrition.  Whether you’re looking for a healthy and fun holiday snack for after school, a party, or the classroom, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the very {Read More}

Christmas Photo Ornament Crafts

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of our family’s favorite holiday activities. We crank the Christmas music up loud and truly make it a team effort with Dad in charge of the lights and the girls trimming the tree in everything shiny and bright. It’s exciting to pull out all the ornaments and reminisce on times when one was purchased or created. Some of the most treasured ornaments on the tree are those that were handmade. Christmas photo ornament crafts {Read More}

Christmas Advent Calendars and Activities

Christmas is a special time of year when little eyes light up at the wonder and excitement of the season.  Anticipation builds as each day passes and sometimes it can help to have a visual countdown.  Advent calendars can make the countdown to Christmas fun by providing special treats, surprises, or family activities. For our advent calendar, we have a variety of ways to celebrate the countdown.  I’ll often try to simplify things by including activities we keep as a tradition {Read More}

Kid-Made Christmas Tree Ornament

Making Christmas ornaments is one of our favorite holiday traditions. So far we like to stick to easy ornaments that the girls can make without too much help from me. This Christmas tree ornament is one that preschoolers and school age kids can make with just a little help from an adult, so it’s perfect for holiday crafting at home or at school. Materials Green Mesh Plastic Canvas (link to similar) Green yarn Knitting needle Mini tinsel pom poms White glue Cut {Read More}

Salt Painted Kid-Made Christmas Ornament

Salt painting is such a fun process art activity for kids and the creations always turn out so gorgeous. We did this simple art technique and then turned them into a kid-made Christmas ornament that can be hung on the Christmas tree or combined to make a Christmas garland. Materials Affiliate links included. Watercolor paper Glue Food coloring or liquid watercolors Pipettes Epsom salt (or table salt if you don’t have Epsom salt) Scissors Hole punch Decorative Ribbon Get started {Read More}

Reindeer ABC Matching Christmas Learning Activity

Earlier this week I shared our reindeer play dough invitation that was inspired by a few twigs in the yard. The smooth chocolaty play dough we made for that was just begging to be used for more play and learning, so I put it to use in this alphabet matching activity. Use it as a fun Christmas learning activity to practice the ABCs. Materials Affiliate link included. Chocolate play dough (see full recipe in the reindeer play dough post) Googly {Read More}