Encourage Kids to Dream Big

This post is sponsored by Disney. All opinions are my own. As we settle into the new year, adults often reflect on their priorities and goals for the upcoming year. This is also a great time of year to talk with kids about their goals and ambitions for the year ahead. We all want our kids to dream big, so why not spend a little time talking about their dreams? Then encourage kids to dream big, and record those dreams {Read More}

Help Kids Handle Big Emotions at Home

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Conscious Discipline. All opinions are entirely my own. I taught in a classroom setting for years, and I know that learning to handle big emotions is integral to a child’s success, socially and academically. But somehow I feel less prepared to teach self-regulation to my own kids at home. One of my children often shuts down and doesn’t want to discuss her feelings. She experiences a lot of anxiety, {Read More}

Fun Things to Do in Daytona Beach, FL with Kids During the Holidays

This post brought to you by DaytonaBeach.com. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Fantastic Fun and Learning. Sometimes we think of beach destinations as summer family vacation options, but there is a lot of fun to be had at the beach in the fall and winter, too. Personally I love that the beach and the surrounding area are a tad less crowded this time of year, so we can explore and enjoy our favorite spots a little {Read More}

Treasure Box Incentive Behavior Plan for Home

Keeping our little ones on track can sometimes take a little bit of strategic planning. A positive behavior plan can often be the solution; and with summer coming to an end, it is important to get back into routines that will encourage organization and responsibility. Finding out exactly what motivates them to make good choices, do their chores, or improve a specific behavior is the first step in designing a behavior incentive plan. For us, using a treasure box incentive {Read More}

Tips for a Fun Bedtime Routine

Ugh! The dreaded bedtime routine! If you look at social media or talk to other moms you’re bound to hear some grumbling about how hard it is to get little ones to go to bed. Sometimes it seems downright impossible. We’ve had our share of bedtime challenges here, but over the years we’ve developed a routine that’s fast and fun. Bedtime has even become something we look forward to.  It’s also very much in line with the Read2Me Tonight Brush! {Read More}

Moving Siblings to Separate Rooms

Four years ago long after she was supposed to be asleep in her own room I’d find my toddler snuggled outside of her sister’s bedroom door. She didn’t mind the cold tile floor. She just wanted to be close to her big sister. The feeling was mutual. After they woke up from nap time my preschooler got cozy in her baby sister’s bed where they read stories to one another. It didn’t take long for them to ask me if they could {Read More}

A Letter to My Daughter About Success

Recently while picking up my youngest daughter from school one of the teachers noticed me doing some work as I waited in the car line. She asked about what I do. After talking about my job as a blogger and how much I cherish the flexibility to be with my kids as much as I am, she asked me to write a letter to my daughter about becoming a successful woman. My first thought was: Me?! I thought about that {Read More}

Potty Training Tips~Things I Wish Someone Told Me

Aah potty training! It’s one of the most highly anticipated milestones of early childhood, and one that parents often fear most.  You can find article after article about how to know when kids are “ready” for potty training and even more articles about potty training theories and methods. But there are a few potty training tips I didn’t find in any of my reading about potty training, and if I did I must have overlooked their significance. These little bits {Read More}

Nighttime Potty Training Tips

Tips? Well, yes and no. I do have some potty training tips for you, but before sharing them I’ll fully disclose that only one of my children is nighttime potty trained at this point. And it’s not my five year old. When I was asked to share my thoughts on potty training in this sponsored post, I thought maybe our experience could help others who have questions or concerns about nighttime potty training. Our Experience Nearly three years ago after Lovey had {Read More}