Home Preschool Schedule 2013-2014

Last year I shared the home preschool schedule we used at the beginning of the year. While it worked well for us, we will be making some changes for the upcoming year. This year Lovey is 4 and will be continuing preschool at home. Big Buddy is also 4, but he will be attending a half-day preschool nearby. He will join us at lunchtime. Tinker is 2.5, and Little Buddy is 1.5. Please know that I use the schedule as {Read More}

Our Home Preschool Schedule

As you read about our daily activities I thought it might be helpful to know how we structure our school days. Our school day is set up for 4 children. Two of them are my girls. Lovey is 3, and Tinker is 18 months old. We are also joined by two wonderful little boys. The oldest is 3, and the baby is 9 months old. Since beginning my time at home with the kids I have tried two different approaches. {Read More}