Wire and Wood STEAM Building

We’ve been introducing a new STEAM building each week as an after school activity here at home. Most of them involve simple materials, and I give little instruction to the girls. Instead I invite them to use the materials to create whatever they think would interesting given the materials provided. This wire and wood invitation turned into a collaborative project, and the girls seemed to like creating DIY toys similar to winding bead mazes. Materials Affiliate links included. Large wooden {Read More}

Craft Stick STEAM Challenge

Afternoon STEAM challenges have become a highly-anticipated part of our routine around here lately. I recently shared how the girls created their own styrofoam sculptures during a week of painting and building. This craft stick STEAM challenge was set up in a similar way, and you can set it up at home or in the classroom too. Craft Stick STEAM Challenge Materials (affiliate links included) Various craft sticks-We used regular craft sticks, mini craft sticks and skill sticks we received from CraftProjectIdeas.com {Read More}

Apple Tree Play Dough Invitation

Do you get to go apple picking in your area? We would love to go apple picking. Unfortunately we live in an area where there are no apple trees, so we have to make do with our own creative ideas. This apple tree play dough invitation is our little twist on on apple-inspired loose parts play and “apple picking.” Apple Tree Play Dough Invitation Materials Red, yellow, green and brown play dough-We added a bit of apple pie spice to {Read More}

Scratch and Sniff Five Senses Art for Kids

Over the years we’ve shared a lot of hands-on ways to learn about the five senses. A while ago I saw this great literacy activity from Fun-A-Day, and I’ve wanted to try scratch and sniff art ever since.  Here we’re using stencils to guide our creations, but you could also do this as a process art activity by eliminating the stencils. Materials Jello-powder in a variety of scents and colors (placed in open shallow containers) White school glue White cardstock Cookie {Read More}

Paper Bag Puppet Art Invitation

I’ve mentioned before that we like to set up open-ended invitations. During our home preschool years I set them up in the morning or after nap time so the kids could explore and create while I was tending to other tasks. Now that both girls are in school I like to have something set up for the afternoons when they get home. It’s usually something very simple that doesn’t require a lot of advanced preparation. Often it will be a {Read More}

Upcycled Necklace Craft for Kids

Both of my girls love making presents for others. For years they’ve been collecting trinkets and toys around the house and gifting them to friends and family. Lately this passion seems to be reaching new heights with Tinker making me multiple gifts daily, and Lovey making gifts for friends at school. So we decided to make some gifts to share with others in this upcycled necklace craft. This post contains affiliate links. While the girls were at school one day I {Read More}

Sticky Flower Garden Sensory Art for Kids

When I shared our recent flower petal math activities I promised I’d share a couple of ways to put all of those flower petals to good use when you were done with them. This sticky flower garden is one easy way to do just that. Kids can explore the sensory elements of the flower parts and sticky paper while creating their own unique sticky flower gardens. We chose to make our garden on a vertical surface, but you could also {Read More}

Headband Monster Craft for Kids

We always have so much fun with our spider headbands this time of year, so I thought it would be fun to make a new version. These monsters are just as fun, and I love that kids can get creative with their own monster designs. We started with some basic craft materials: paper, jewels, googly eyes, curling ribbon, straws, and chenille stems. If you have sentence strips they’ll come in handy for making the headbands, but we only head regular {Read More}

Monster Craft Creative Art Activity

After exploring ways to make monster faces on mirrors we decided to make some that last a bit longer. Using a few basic craft supplies kids can get creative and come up with their own silly or scary monster craft. Materials We used almost the same exact materials we did for the monster faces tray except I traded out the googly eyes for some sticker eyes. That really wasn’t necessary, but the girls have been eager to use the stickers and {Read More}

Monster Art and Fine Motor Play

Until now the girls have wanted nothing to do with monster play. Whether for Halloween or anytime they just didn’t want to hear anything about monsters. That changed recently, and they seem to find a little silliness in the idea of monsters with weird features and outlandish characteristics. I thought I’d build on that with a few simple monster-inspired play ideas. This invitation to create monster art was the first activity we tried. This post contains affiliate links. Materials for Monster {Read More}