Beginning Sounds Alphabet Shopping Game

Any time that we can give new life to an old toy, hours of excitement and fun are sure to follow!  Our shopping cart toy has recently gone from a pretend toy to a baby walker.  To inspire some new fun and learning within my preschooler, we found a way to practice beginning sounds by shopping for the alphabet! This alphabet game will take practicing beginning sounds on a fun scavenger hunt throughout your home.   Beginning Sound Alphabet Shopping {Read More}

Favorite Bath Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Whenever possible, I try to purchase practical gifts.  In a house with three littles, toys have a way of multiplying around here.  The picking up and putting away of said toys can feel like a full time job (even with enlisted help from the kids) and purging can easily become a regular pastime.  I like to look for toys that, while being super fun for the kids, will also help out Mama.  One area I like to focus on is {Read More}

Great Games for Kids

This post contains affiliate links. We love games around here.   I come from a long line of avid game players.  My grandfather showed no mercy when teaching us to play checkers, even at five years old.  And you had better bring your A-game when sitting down to play any game with my mother.  She likes to win and seldom walks away disappointed.  We love cards; Gin rummy tournaments are a staple at every family reunion.  Outdoor games like ladder golf {Read More}

Free Printable Scavenger Hunts for Kids

A few months ago I shared in another sponsored post how HP made printing easier for us. Since then we’ve had fun printing some new Christmas printables, our own DIY valentines, and more.  And the Instant Ink Program from HP has been a huge help. Just before I run out of ink a new cartridge arrives, so I’m never scrambling to get ink when I have something new to print. It’s been great! With spring coming we’re excited to get outdoors and try {Read More}

Play Dough Invitations for Every Month of the Year

Play dough is one of our favorite play activities around here. Whether the girls are creating their own unique sculptures or interacting with a new invitation, play dough is used many times a week in our home. Not only is it great for developing those fine motor muscles need for writing, it’s also a great way to encourage creative thinking and imaginative play. Since we love play dough so much, I thought it would be fun to share play dough {Read More}

Jungle Small World with Kix

The girls love creating with cardboard. Around our house there are stacks and shelves of re-purposed items that have gained new life as mini playhouses, sculptures, hats and more. When I heard about the new Kix™ box with special characters and shapes for creative play, I knew we’d have fun with it. Today in this sponsored post I’m sharing one of the projects the new design inspired. The new Kix™ box design, available exclusively at Target right now, is part of {Read More}

Five Senses Sound and Texture Activity

The day we made our rainbow paintings with cars I set up this invitation to play so that the kids could play with the cars for a bit before we began our art activity. The focus of the invitation was to talk about the fives senses, mainly the sense of touch and the sense of hearing. But it’s a great indoor boredom buster even if you aren’t focusing on those skills yet with your little ones.  To create the invitation I {Read More}

Fairy Garden Play Dough

While we were playing with our gold play dough Lovey told me she thought it looked “magical, like a magic fairy land.” That gave me this idea for fairy garden play dough. I knew both of the girls would love it, they definitely do! Materials This post contains affiliate links. I used the same gold play dough we used in the other activity. To make it I used the no cook play dough recipe from The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book. I {Read More}

Creative Pretend Play Centers

With just a few materials kids can become immersed in a world of pretend play. These creative pretend play centers shared in the recent Discover & Explore pretend play theme look like so much fun! Pre-K Pages has great free printables and tips for creating your own pretend play Chinese restaurant. I love how Little Bins for Little Hands uses recycling to set up a pretend play grocery store. All aboard! You should see the line of friends waiting to {Read More}

Fun Ways to Play and Learn with Glow Sticks

Are there activities you always have on hand just in case you need to come up with something quickly? I have a small stash of materials for those afternoons when we need something to overcome the crankies. There are always glow sticks in that stash. I grab them from time to time when we go to the Dollar Tree, and the girls are always excited to see a new batch of them set out for playtime. So what do we {Read More}