Name Recognition Scramble

Learning to recognize and spell your name is an exciting mastery skill for a preschooler. In fact, it’s the best place to start when beginning to introduce letters as the letters in their name make up a very special part of who they are. My preschooler jumps up and down with sheer pride and joy when she sees her name. We recently found a fun way to take our name practice outside, and it has been a big hit! This {Read More}

Seashell Sight Word Practice

“Ugh, do I haaaave to practice my sight words?!” “Can’t we do it later?” Is that what you hear when you try to get your kids to do a little school work over the summer? But there you are staring at that list of words your child’s school sent home for you to remember, so why not make it so fun they’ll be asking you to practice those sight words? This seashell activity is terrific for sight words that preschoolers {Read More}

Best Books for Beginning Readers

Once children show an interest in learning to read it can be a little overwhelming to try to find just right books for beginning readers. If you’ve ever browsed the shelves and looked at different books all named level 1, you’ll quickly see that there is a significant difference between the reading levels. It takes a little research to help find the very best books for kids just learning to read independently. This quick reference guide outlines ways to know if a {Read More}

Play Dough Writing Tray

During the preschool years it’s helpful to provide kids with a variety of ways to practice writing. And it can be fun to think past pencil and paper and use different materials. Here we show how a play dough writing tray can be used to practice writing letters, sight words, spelling words and more. To set up this play dough writing tray we used rolled out three sections of play dough and set them out next to some tools that {Read More}

Frog Hop Blending Words

As kids learn the sounds that letters represent, they can begin to blend sounds together to make words. It can be helpful to do this in a concrete way. We decided to do a frog hop to practice blending words. It’s a great spring activity for a frog theme or a pond theme. To prepare this activity, I grabbed a small piece of drift wood, the frog from our life cycle set (affiliate link), green construction paper cut into lily pad {Read More}

Pot of Gold Sight Words St. Patrick’s Day Activity

Are your kids excited about St. Patrick’s Day? Mine are already asking when we’ll do our next St. Patrick’s Day activity and discussing how they’ll design their leprechaun traps this year to be sure to catch that little leprechaun. To channel some of that enthusiasm into our school time I decided to make little pots of ABC gold for the girls to use when practicing their sight words and spelling lists. Materials Black pots (Affiliate link) Gold coins (We purchased ours {Read More}

ABC Cookies Preschool Alphabet Activity

Preschoolers spend a lot of time engaging in pretend play, and they learn a lot while doing so. Baking is a common pretend play activity in our house. Recently I pulled out our foam ABCs and we used them to do some pretend baking. Tinker loved it! This post contains affiliate links. To set up your own ABC cookie pretend play station, you’ll need small paper plates labeled with the lowercase letters. Place foam alphabet letters (or any similar ABC {Read More}

Free Apple Letter Cards for Making Words Activities

As children learn to identify the letters and sounds in the alphabet they are ready to begin making words.  These free printable apple letter cards are a fun way to practice during your fall literacy activities. Get Ready Since Lovey knows all letter sounds I used all of the letter cards in this activity. However, if your child has learned a handful of letters you can still get started with making words activities. Simply limit the cards used for the {Read More}

Bird Nest Letter Matching Game

Yesterday we shared how we used plastic eggs to practice letter recognition. The girls had so much fun pretending to be birds that we played another quick alphabet game to practice matching upper and lowercase letters. Bird Nest Letter Matching Game As we did in the original game we started with a set of plastic eggs labeled with the upper and lowercase letters. This time instead of leaving the eggs together we broke them apart. I left the halves with {Read More}

Rescue the Eggs Letter Recognition ABC Game

Just because Easter is over doesn’t mean you have to put away the plastic eggs. In fact you can use them for all sorts of play and learning activities year round. Here we are using them in a fun ABC game that combines letter recognition practice with pretend play. Set up the ABC Game We started with a full set of plastic eggs that were labeled with the uppercase letter on one half and the lowercase letter on the other. {Read More}