Ping Pong Shooter Painting

Combining movement and painting without paintbrushes is always a win in my opinion. In the past we’ve painted with rocks, raced cars to create art, and even painted with water shooters. And we’ve played with DIY shooters a lot to launch things like pompoms, marshmallows, ping pong balls and more. Recently while we were playing I wondered if we could actually use our DIY shooters to paint, and so we started experimenting with ping pong shooter painting. Here’s what we {Read More}

Water Balloon Parachute

Most of our after school time is spent on unstructured outdoor play. Once the girls quickly finish their homework they head outside to see who in the neighborhood can play. And there’s a good reason for that! Although I can provide them with meaningful learning and play activities, they are even more likely to come up with their own amazing ideas when given the time to explore and create independently. This water balloon parachute was the result of one of those {Read More}

Doubles Rap Water Balloon Math Activity

While we’re home for the summer we’re finding fun ways to get ready for the new school year. In first grade kids often learn their doubles facts. To get a jump start we’re singing the doubles rap and playing fun games like this outdoor water balloon math activity. Doubles Splash Water Balloon Math To set up the activity we filled water balloons and labeled them with the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Then we wrote the numbers {Read More}

Moving to the Numbers Math Game

Any time you can get kids moving as part of a learning activity it’s usually a hit. We did just that with this simple moving to the numbers math game. We played the game outdoors because the weather was glorious, but it could easily be adapted for indoors by using number cards or paper plates with numbers on them. Outdoors we used sidewalk chalk to write the numbers from 0 to 10 in an open space. Hint: The more you {Read More}

DIY Sprinklers for Kids

Playing outdoors in the sprinklers is an essential part of our summer bucket list every year.  Here are ten super creative ways to make your own sprinklers at home. Head over to HomeSpun Threads to get the full tutorial for this PVC pipe sprinkler by She Wears Flowers. Kids will have fun helping make this plastic bottle sprinkler from Housing a Forest. Make it a “Kid Wash” with this fun sprinkler from Come Together Kids. Or make the Deluxe Kid Wash {Read More}

Water Balloon Name Game

Last summer I introduced the girls to all sorts of water balloon activities, and they are already eager to get playing with water balloons this summer. This water balloon name game is one way we’ve taken our learning activities outdoors recently. We started by filling a bunch of water balloons and labeling them with the letters in the players’ names. You can either give the kids one large bin with all of the labeled water balloons inside or separate them {Read More}

Fun Outdoor Learning Activities

Outdoor learning can  be so much fun for kids. These fun outdoor learning activities were shared in last week’s Discover & Explore outdoor play theme. Learn how bubbles work from Left Brain Craft Brain then try some fun bubble activities for some quintessential outdoor fun! Use objects from outdoors to make the ABCs like Rubber Boots and Elf Shoes. Don’t forget to take pictures for an ABC book! Get creative with the garden hose! Growing Book by Book used their hose {Read More}

Kids’ Outdoor Play

We love to be outdoors. Whether it’s for playtime or learning activities, we always feel refreshed after time outside. This week for Discover & Explore we want to hear all about your favorite outdoor play ideas. Check out some of the outdoor play activities we’ve shared on Fantastic Fun and Learning. Then see what others are sharing in the linky at the end of this post. Outdoor Play Ideas Cool off during the summer with some water balloon play. This collection {Read More}

Fun Indoor Activities that Burn Energy

I don’t know whether it’s the full moon, the anticipation of Christmas or just the age, but my girls have so much extra energy these days. I’ve been looking for some quick and easy ways to burn off that energy, so I was excited to find these fun ideas shared in last week’s Discover & Explore indoor games theme. Get moving and practice letter recognition with this runaway letter game from Growing Book by Book. Create an indoor ball pit {Read More}

Airplane Books & Activities

This month’s theme for the Poppins Book Nook is Travel and Transportation. Next week the girls and I will be flying alone to visit family. It will be the first airplane ride that either of them will be old enough to remember, so we’ve been reading a bit about airplanes and some of the things we might see and hear in the airport and on the plane. Below are some of the books we’ve enjoyed reading and a couple activities we’ve {Read More}