Chrysanthemum Preschool Name Art

Preschoolers love to see their own names on display. Not only is this fun for them, it also helps them learn to recognize and spell their name. We recently designed a full week of home preschool and preschool classroom lesson plans to go along with the book Chrysanthemum, a book whose central theme and lesson links to the main character’s name. This book is wonderful for teaching many concepts related to names, flowers, self-confidence and more. One of the activities we included {Read More}

Rolling Rainbow Painting Action Art for Kids

Continuing our fun with rainbows, we took our learning outdoors to create some colorful rainbow art.  The very thought of paint gets my little ones excited, so I decided to put together a process art and science activity that involved rainbows, ramps, and paint! Materials Needed for Rolling Rainbow Art Affiliate links included plywood or cardboard tempera washable paint art easel paper a variety of balls Prepare Your Art Space I set the ramp up using a piece of plywood {Read More}

Big Bug Art for Creative Kids

We had so much fun with the art techniques we used creating ladybug art that I wanted to include a similar art invitation in our bug theme preschool lesson plans (available in variations for the home and classroom). Here we use some of our favorite stamping methods and a few added details to create a BIG bug art collage. This is terrific to do as a collaborative activity with multiple kids. Everyone can add their own unique touch to the final {Read More}

Shape Reindeer Collage Art and Math

After seeing how much fun my own kids and many of you had making shape monsters, we decided to continue the creative fun with a Christmas twist. We used our shape reindeer set and some collage materials we had in our craft stash to make some adorably unique reindeer collage art. Along the way we learned about shapes, and we’ll be continuing on with some literacy and math extension activities using our reindeer. Materials for Shape Reindeer (affiliate links) Take a {Read More}

Fall Process Art for Kids

It is still 84 degrees out, and frankly it’s not feeling very much like fall around here. That means we have to make our own fall! After school we’ll be doing some fall process art activities inspired by some of our favorites around the web. Gather up some natural materials like acorns and pinecones. Grab some pumpkins. Add in a bit of a paint and few odds and ends, and you can join in too! Fall Process Art Kids experiment {Read More}

Shape Monsters Collage Art

When possible we like to add a bit of art to our learning activities. Here we created shape monsters to learn different shapes, and we had fun using collage materials to decorate them. The kids had so much fun making them, and they are all so unique! Materials for Shape Monsters (affiliate links) Shape Monster Printables Do-a-Dot Markers Glue Tape Collage Materials (We used chenille stems, googly eyes from, cotton balls, black sequins, and colored paper strips.) Scissors There are {Read More}

Rolling Runaway Pumpkin Painting Fall Process Art

Is there a certain activity your kids bring up all the time? You know, the one they wish they could do again and again. We have a few, but by far the most frequently mentioned activity is painting with rocks.  I think it’s the combinations of big art, messy play, and collaborative work that made that process art project stand out in their minds…and in mine. During the fall we always read The Runaway Pumpkin and Sixteen Runaway Pumpkins, and so {Read More}

Craft Stick STEAM Challenge

Afternoon STEAM challenges have become a highly-anticipated part of our routine around here lately. I recently shared how the girls created their own styrofoam sculptures during a week of painting and building. This craft stick STEAM challenge was set up in a similar way, and you can set it up at home or in the classroom too. Craft Stick STEAM Challenge Materials (affiliate links included) Various craft sticks-We used regular craft sticks, mini craft sticks and skill sticks we received from {Read More}

Styrofoam STEAM Building

I’ve mentioned in a few articles recently that as my kids are getting older I enjoy finding ways to set up creative challenges and play invitations after school. They are a nice way for us to sit together and chat while they unwind from a busy school day. I find that the more open-ended they are the better, and I also like to choose options that are very quick and easy to set up. This styrofoam STEAM building activity fits both of {Read More}

Slinky Painting

Did you play with slinkys when you were a kid? Me too! I loved them, but I never used them this way! We have so much fun with action art, so we decided to test out slinky painting recently. Trust me when I say, you HAVE to try it. My girls absolutely had a ball painting this way. In the past we’ve shared tons of ideas for painting without paintbrushes, but I think this is going to quickly rise to the {Read More}