Counting Worms Preschool Math Sensory Bin

Although kids are often afraid of worms at first I find teaching a worm theme can be sooo much fun. Usually by the end kids are less afraid of worms and they have learned a lot about these little creatures along the way. In our worm theme home preschool and classroom lesson plans we share a ton of ideas for week full of playful worm-inspired learning. We even went crazy viral with our wiggly worm sensory play idea on Facebook. But sometimes {Read More}

Wiggly Worm Sensory Play

Eeeeewwwwww! That’s what my youngest daughter said. Yessssss! And that’s what my oldest daughter said when I asked if they wanted to play with  this wiggly worm sensory bin. Their responses didn’t surprise me. For years my oldest has delighted in catching worms and bugs of all kinds while my youngest is happy to observe from a comfortable distance. But that didn’t stop them both from enjoying this messy play activity. Use it at home just for fun or include {Read More}

Whale Books

While learning about fish the girls started asking a lot of questions about whales. They wanted to know why whales are not considered fish, so we gathered some books and did a bit of reading. Here are some whale books to explore if your little one’s are curious about whales, too. Whale Books This post contains affiliate links. Baby Beluga is a picture version of this favorite children’s song. We read this one over and over again. Dear Mr. Blueberry {Read More}

W is for Worms Letter Craft

Last year while we were doing our W is for Worms home preschool theme, I saw this fun worm sensory bin from Fun at Home with Kids.  It’s part of their “Super Easy Sensory Play” series. The series is full of great ideas, so be sure to check it out. The kids loved playing with this worm sensory bin, and it helped them make a very important observation about worms. After playing with our sensory bin, we left it out {Read More}

Worm Play Dough

Last year when we added pretend worms to our gardening sensory bin it was a huge hit with all of the kids.  This year for spring I wanted to set up another invitation to play that involved worms, and I thought the kids would really enjoy worm play dough. Materials for Worm Play Dough Invitation To create the invitation to play I used: Pretend worms from the fishing section of our local retail store Small pebbles Green toothpicks and bits {Read More}

Watermelon Activities

The theme this week for Discover & Explore is Summer Fun! We are inviting you to share your favorite summer activities, crafts, tips, and resources for kids at the end of this post. When I think of summer I think of watermelon! Today I’m sharing some of the fun ways we’ve been playing and learning with watermelon. Watermelon Sculptures One morning I set up two trays. The first tray had watermelon cut into different shapes. To make the shapes we cut thin slices {Read More}

Little Wizards at Work: Mixing Potions Invitation to Explore

This month the Poppins Book Nook contributors are sharing books and related activities about wizards. As I mentioned in our introductory post, Lovey enjoyed reading Dr. Witch’s Animal Hospital. In this story Dr. Witch, who is a veterinarian witch, is very excited to get an invitation to the wizard and witch ball. She mixes up a special potion to get ready, and soon it is the day of the ball. While she’s on her way, Dr. Witch encounters many animals {Read More}