Underground Animal Activities

When we started our underground animal theme I asked the kids to tell me what they already knew about animals that live underground. They looked at me like I was joking, and said, “Your silly! Animals don’t live underground.” And so began our exploration for the week…they were amazed to discover that some animals really do make their homes underground. Not only did they learn a lot about the animals, they also became a bit obsessed with some of the {Read More}

Books About Underground Animals

There were a few books we enjoyed reading to go along with our U is for Underground animals theme. Some of the the books I’m sharing today are related to underground animals in general as this was the focus of our activities. I’m also including a few books that we read about specific animals. For each individual animal that lives underground there are also many other books that could support your underground animal theme. {Note: As always, this book list {Read More}

Underground Animal Theme Resources

Our letter U theme was underground animals. Today I’m sharing some resources for teaching kids about underground animals.  There are teachers’ guides, book-related projects, crafts and a snack to give you a little inspiration for your own underground animal theme. If you have or know of any other ideas for this theme, I hope you’ll share them in the comments. General Resources About Underground Animals Underground Animals Preschool Ideas (Amanda Hoover on SlideShare) Underground Animals Resource Guide, includes many resources {Read More}