Tea Taste Test and Mixing Science Experiment

The T is for Tea Time theme gave us many opportunities to explore the five senses. In addition to playing a sense of smell matching game and painting with tea bags, we did this tea taste test and mixing experiment.  It was one of those activities that I thought would take just a couple of minutes but turned out to be a full morning of experimentation and exploration. In fact this initial introduction to tasting tea and experimenting with mixing {Read More}

Tea Time Math~Counting and Comparing Activity

During our T is for Tea Time theme we also used our tea bags and tea set for a little math practice. This simple game is great for helping preschoolers and kindergarteners practicing counting and comparing sets. Materials for Tea Time Math Game Set of tea bags Set of number cards (you can use cards with dots, numbers, or number words depending on your child’s learning goals.) Tea set Directions Pull a card. Identify the number. Add that many tea {Read More}

Sense of Smell~Tea Bag Matching Game

We were able to incorporate our five senses into our T is for Tea Time theme, and this simple tea bag matching game was a fun way to explore the sense of smell. To set up the game I gathered our tea bags. I purchased the Celestial Seasons Fruit Sampler to use for the activities we did throughout the week. However, if we do this activity again I will also include a wider variety of teas.  The Celestial Seasons packs {Read More}

Pouring Tea Toddler Activity

When planning our home preschool themes I try choose a theme that will allow us to focus on a wide variety of skills that both the toddlers and the preschoolers will benefit from and enjoy. Because of the skills we are working on this year with each group of kids, we are not learning the alphabet in order. One of the themes we enjoyed exploring this year was T is for Tea Time. We used tea in a variety of ways {Read More}

Exploring the Senses~Painting with Tea Bags

This week’s theme for Discover & Explore is the Five Senses. I hope after reading this post you’ll share your favorite ways to help kids learn about their senses. We recently used tea bags for a variety of learning and play activities, and this painting with tea bags project turned out to be such a delight for the senses that I couldn’t wait to share it with you today. To get ready I purchased a variety pack of caffeine free fruit {Read More}

Tissue Paper Art Fall Tree Craft

After we experimented with our first bleeding tissue paper art, I knew Lovey was excited to try it again with different colors. Tinker also wanted to participate, so I set up another invitation to create while we were still home sick. Using fall colors the girls created beautiful art. We used the finished products to make fall tree crafts. Get a full week of tree theme lesson plans for  Home Preschool or your Preschool Classroom. I set the same basic invitation up for {Read More}

Fall Tree Snack for Kids

This week’s theme for Discover & Explore is Forests. Last year we learned about forests and did a T is for Trees series. One of the activities we enjoyed most was our easy tree snack. It was a fun way to learn about the parts of a tree, encourage creativity, and have a healthy snack. When I saw delicious sweet yellow tomatoes at the grocery store, I knew my little tomato-lovers would like some. Sitting next to the red cherry {Read More}

Letter T Craft

I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun with letter crafts as I have this year. The kids really connect with each letter and enjoy putting together a craft that goes with the weekly theme.  This week’s T is for Trees craft was inspired by the Letter T Craft from Counting Coconuts. We started by grabbing some cardboard from the recycling bin. Thick cardboard that has ridges (is there a name for that?), not flat cardboard like you would have {Read More}

Easy Tree Snack for Kids

As we explored different trees outside and learned about the different parts of trees, I wanted the kids to be able to make their own models of a tree. To make it  fun, we played with our food a bit and created this easy tree snack for kids. Get a full week of tree theme lesson plans for  Home Preschool or your Preschool Classroom. We started with a few different kinds of pretzels. To begin with I showed the kids this plate and {Read More}

Books About Trees

We enjoyed discovering some new books and reading some of our old favorites as we learned about trees. This is a short list of the books the kids liked the most, and I’m going to start with my absolute favorite. Get a full week of tree theme lesson plans for  Home Preschool or your Preschool Classroom. {Note: As always, this book list is based on my personal preference, and I’ve included Amazon affiliate links for your convenience.} A Tree for Emmy was a great {Read More}