Skittles Rainbow Science Investigation

We are currently learning about rainbows along with our St. Patrick’s Day activities.  As part of our exploration with rainbows, we decided to do a little investigative Skittles rainbow science.  I posed the question to my preschooler, What do you think will happen to the water when we add Skittles to it?  She hypothesized that it would make “colorful tasty water!” Materials Affiliate links included. 5 clear cups Skittles Coffee stirrer Room temperature water    Setting up the Science Experiment {Read More}

Spider Babies Fine Motor Play

Whether you’re getting ready for a spider theme or planning some engaging Halloween activities for you kids, this spider babies fine motor activity is easy to set up and fun for kids. We did this as part of our spider theme lesson plans. The kids enjoyed that challenge, and they liked learning that many spider babies really are carried on their mother’s backs. Materials for the Activity Affiliate links Free Spider Babies Fine Motor Mat Jumbo Tweezers Plastic Toy Spiders Books {Read More}

Seashell Sight Word Practice

“Ugh, do I haaaave to practice my sight words?!” “Can’t we do it later?” Is that what you hear when you try to get your kids to do a little school work over the summer? But there you are staring at that list of words your child’s school sent home for you to remember, so why not make it so fun they’ll be asking you to practice those sight words? This seashell activity is terrific for sight words that preschoolers {Read More}

Yarn Painted Spider Web Halloween Craft

One year we did an entire Y is for Yarn theme, and one of the activities the kids loved was painting with yarn. It’s a simple technique that can used in so many different ways. Whether kids choose to bounce the yarn on the painting surface or drag strands of yarn across the surface they always enjoy seeing the designs that they can make. We recently used this technique again to make yarn painted spider webs to display as an {Read More}

Spider Puppet Halloween Craft

I have always loved making our spider headband craft with kids in the classroom and at home.  It’s a sure bet for creating some giggles around here! This year I decided we’d try a bit of a twist on that classic favorite and create spider puppets. They make a cute Halloween craft to hang, but this way the girls can also use them for playtime. We’ve used them to act out The Itsy Bitsy Spider, make up our own spider plays, {Read More}

Star Books

Star light, star bright, oh so many stars to see at night. And with all those stars come so many questions from young and curious minds; what is a star?, how far away are stars?, is it really a star shape? To help you answer these and many more questions, we have put together a list of books that you can use as you explore the stars. Books About Stars This post contains affiliate links. Nonfiction Star Books Our Stars {Read More}

Chalk Skeleton Craft

Isn’t it interesting how one year kids are terrified by certain things, and the next they are suddenly very intrigued by them? In the past all things considered even slightly spooky were of no interest to my girls. Now that all the Halloween decorations are out this year the girls have been asking about things like monsters and bones. This chalk skeleton craft was inspired by their new enthusiasm. Not only is it a great learning activity, it also makes a fun {Read More}

Spider Books for Kids

Most people cringe at the sight or thought of a spider. If your idea of a spider is less than pleasant, check out our book list to find out about how helpful spiders are and read stories about friendly spiders. Enjoy our creepy crawly books and take another look the world of spiders. Books About Spiders This post contains affiliate links. Fiction Aaaarrgghh! Spider! By Lydia Monks Aaaarrgghh! Spider! Is a sweet story of a spider that just wants to {Read More}

DIY Spider Ring

A while back we made fireworks rings by accident. The girls had so much fun with them that I thought it would be fun to make our own spider rings. They are quick and easy, and you probably have the craft supplies to make them already. We made two different sizes. For the large rings we started with four full size chenille stems and one half size stem. We also used two pom poms, one small and one large.  Our {Read More}

Itsy Bitsy Spider Sticky Wall

During our recent spider theme we had a lot of fun singing and dancing along to the Itsy Bitsy Spider (or eensy weensy, whatever version you prefer).  To extend the use of this rhyme, we made an Itsy Bitsy Sticky wall. It turned out to be one of the most frequently used items throughout our theme. This post contains affiliate links. Materials Foam Sheets Contact Paper Painter’s Tape Foam or felt spider and spider web (You can cut your own {Read More}