Rolling Rainbow Painting Action Art for Kids

Continuing our fun with rainbows, we took our learning outdoors to create some colorful rainbow art.  The very thought of paint gets my little ones excited, so I decided to put together a process art and science activity that involved rainbows, ramps, and paint! Materials Needed for Rolling Rainbow Art Affiliate links included plywood or cardboard tempera washable paint art easel paper a variety of balls Prepare Your Art Space I set the ramp up using a piece of plywood {Read More}

10 Great Rainbow Videos and Songs for Kids

As we dive deeper into exploring the science behind rainbows, I thought it would be great to connect our learning to some visual explanations of this beautiful phenomena of light.  Of course, there hasn’t been a cloud in the sky to signal any chances of a rain shower and a real sign of a rainbow.  So we took to YouTube to dig up some rainbow videos and songs for us to enjoy.   It can be tricky trying to explain {Read More}

Free Printable Pet Rock Writing

There are so many ways to use rocks for learning and play. In this free printable pet rock writing activity we’re bringing our pets to life and using our creativity to come up with special character traits about our new friends. Choose Your New Pet Rock Start out by going on a rock hunt. You didn’t really need an excuse to head outdoors, but this is  good one anyway! See what differnet kinds of rocks you can find. Then choose {Read More}

Robot Play Dough

Are your kids fascinated with robots? There’s something about them that kids are naturally curious about, so it’s fun to use a robot theme for preschool or at home. We recently put together a full week of robot-inspired lesson plans, and this robot play dough invitation is one of the activities we developed for the theme. It’s a great activity for the classroom or home. Materials  Affiliate links included. Silver Play Dough (We used our go-to play dough recipe and added {Read More}

Books About Rabbits

Bunnies are so fluffy, cuddly and gentle. There are so many wonderful stories about rabbits.  The list below includes some well-loved classics and fantastic new rabbit stories and fact books. For little ones that love rabbits, animals and all things spring this is a great list. Books About Rabbits This post contains affiliate links. Fiction Books About Rabbits Little Bunny Foo Foo: The Real Story by Cori Doerrfeld Little Bunny Foo Foo is a hilarious twist on the classic nursery {Read More}

Red Riding Hood Books for Kids

Little Red Riding Hood is a classic fairy tale that is known the world over. There are so many wonderful retellings and twists on the original tale. This is a collection of books that feature the classic story, fun twists on the story, the tale told from the wolf’s point of view, and books that are great for older kids. We hope that you enjoy the list and find several books that you can use with your children. This post {Read More}

Racing Rainbow Painting with Cars

Have you tried painting with cars yet? If not, do it! Last week we made a rainbow painting with cars. It’s perfect for a preschool car theme or an afternoon of playful painting. Ramps, race cars, rainbows…and paint! That was our recipe for a morning full of hands-on play and learning. And it was definitely a whole lot of fun! This post contains affiliate links. We did this activity outdoors to make clean up easier. However, if you’ll be doing this {Read More}

Magnetic Rocket Puzzle and Math Activities

The Virtual Book Club for Kids is reading books by Nick Sharratt this month. This author was new to us, so it was a lot of fun discovering his books. They are full of rhymes and humor, and the girls enjoyed many of them. Both of the girls liked Rocket Countdown!    Tinker enjoys any lift the flap book, so she was immediately drawn to this one in the library stack. Lovey liked acting out the astronaut’s action throughout the story, and I {Read More}

Rocket Books

This week’s theme for Discover & Explore is Space Exploration: Rockets, Space Travel, Satellites & More.  We’d love for you to share your favorite activities, crafts, tips, and resources for kids at the end of this post. Growing up I had a dear friend who was fascinated by space exploration. Her passion was contagious and inspiring. As a teacher and now as a parent, I think of her often when we are learning about outer space, and I hope to encourage {Read More}

Make Your Own “Rock” Band

For our last R is for Rocks theme activity we explored the sense of hearing and made our own “rock” band. We gathered our rocks and a few different containers from our recycling bin and around the house. I tried to find containers that were made of different materials, and I also made sure most of them had lids that attached securely. We started by practicing being very quiet. Then the kids each chose a container and a rock, and {Read More}