Kids Book Activity Inspired by The Queen of France

Hooray! It’s finally here. Today is the first ever Poppins Book Nook Blog Hop. On the last Monday of every month we will be sharing a variety of book-inspired activities on a specific topic. This month’s topic is Knights, Princesses, and Castles. Our Book If you read my introductory post this month, you already know that we chose to read The Queen of France by Tim Wadham. Rose, the main character of this story,  is feeling royal as she wakes up {Read More}

Q Craft and Q-Tip Painting

I love when I can incorporate a creative process-based activity into our letter crafts. We combined the Q-tip painting idea from Kiboomu and the Q-tip gluing idea from Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten to create this Letter Q craft for our alphabet book. We started by painting with Q-tips. We spent almost the whole morning painting and experimenting. All three of the kids (Ages 2, 3, and 4) created many pictures. I loved to see them exploring different ways to paint with {Read More}

Fine Motor Activity with Q-Tips

Ever have a toddler at your feet when you are trying to cook a meal? That was the case when I first pulled out this q-tip fine motor activity. One morning during our Letter Q week I was trying to make breakfast before the boys arrived, and Tinker needed my attention or needed something to do.  I saw the q-tips we were using for our painting activities and remembered reading about practicing fine motor skills by placing q-tips in a {Read More}