Shape Monsters Collage Art

When possible we like to add a bit of art to our learning activities. Here we created shape monsters to learn different shapes, and we had fun using collage materials to decorate them. The kids had so much fun making them, and they are all so unique! Materials for Shape Monsters (affiliate links) Shape Monster Printables Do-a-Dot Markers Glue Tape Collage Materials (We used chenille stems, googly eyes from, cotton balls, black sequins, and colored paper strips.) Scissors There are {Read More}

Monstrous List of Monster Crafts for Kids

Eeeek! Monster! Monsters don’t have to be scary.  They can be fun and silly at the same time.  What is really fun about exploring monsters with kids, is letting their imaginations run wild.  There’s no right way to make a monster.  Whether your monster has one eye, twelve eyes, or six arms, monsters are the perfect way to engage little ones in process art. We’ve taken the fright out of crafting with monsters and put together a MONSTROUS list of monster {Read More}

Monster Play Dough Invitation

There’s no doubt we love play dough around here. When the girls asked what else we were going to do with our monster tray after all of the monster activities we’ve been doing lately, I said, “What about play dough?” And this little invitation was born… We already had most of the materials in our tray, but you can gather a variety of collage materials. We used googly eyes, chenille stems, jewels, and colored straws cut into small pieces. We also {Read More}

Headband Monster Craft for Kids

We always have so much fun with our spider headbands this time of year, so I thought it would be fun to make a new version. These monsters are just as fun, and I love that kids can get creative with their own monster designs. We started with some basic craft materials: paper, jewels, googly eyes, curling ribbon, straws, and chenille stems. If you have sentence strips they’ll come in handy for making the headbands, but we only head regular {Read More}

Monster Books for Kids

Do your little ones like monsters? There are so many great books about silly, funny, sweet, and non-scary monsters. Monster books are fun to read around Halloween time with monster lovers or if your little one is asking questions about monsters. Enjoy our monstrous list of books. Picture Books About Monsters   This post contains affiliate links. The Monstore by Tara Lazar The Monstore was Little Bit’s favorite monster book by far; we read this book so many times. Zack wants {Read More}

Monster Craft Creative Art Activity

After exploring ways to make monster faces on mirrors we decided to make some that last a bit longer. Using a few basic craft supplies kids can get creative and come up with their own silly or scary monster craft. Materials We used almost the same exact materials we did for the monster faces tray except I traded out the googly eyes for some sticker eyes. That really wasn’t necessary, but the girls have been eager to use the stickers and {Read More}

Monster Art and Fine Motor Play

Until now the girls have wanted nothing to do with monster play. Whether for Halloween or anytime they just didn’t want to hear anything about monsters. That changed recently, and they seem to find a little silliness in the idea of monsters with weird features and outlandish characteristics. I thought I’d build on that with a few simple monster-inspired play ideas. This invitation to create monster art was the first activity we tried. This post contains affiliate links. Materials for Monster {Read More}

Homemade No-Cook Puffy Paint Recipe

We have had a lot of fun playing with and learning about marshmallows in the past. Lately the girls have discovered marshmallow fluff, and it’s inspired a whole new series of investigations. One day we decided to see if we could use it to make our own paint recipe, and wow was it fun! We made this super gooey, edible paint with only 2 ingredients. It is safe for kids of all ages, so even babies and toddlers can enjoy this one {Read More}

Moon Craft Mobile for Kids

I’ve mentioned before that Tinker is fascinated by the moon and stars. If it’s dark before her bedtime, then she loves to go out to say goodnight to them before I tuck her into bed. She’s also a very inquisitive child, full of wonder and amazement at the night sky. When I was approached by the author of Mother, What is the Moon? with the opportunity to share a brand new children’s picture book about the night sky, I immediately new {Read More}

Mouse Mask Craft

Yesterday we shared an easy cat mask craft. To expand our pretend play options we also made this mouse mask craft. Materials for Mouse Mask Plain party masks-Ours came in a pack from Walmart. They are cardboard. Felt in two colors of your choice 2 chenille stems trimmed into thirds Hot glue gun Scissors Assembling the Mouse Mask Cut a basic mouse face out of one color of felt. I drew an oval that was just a bit larger than {Read More}