Lemon Sensory Water Play

Have you ever made homemade lemonade with kids? If so, you’ve probably noticed that they would go on playing long after the juice is squeezed from all those lemons. After making a few batches of lemonade this summer, I decided to let the kids have their own lemon sensory bin for water play so they could continue their play long after we had finished making our newest pitcher of lemonade. I am not exaggerating when I tell you they spent HOURS {Read More}

Preschool Ladybug Art

Whether we plan to or not, somehow ladybugs always enter are activities in the spring. About two weeks ago my oldest daughter found a ladybug while we were playing outside. She decided to create a ladybug habitat for it, and so began another venture in all things ladybug. My youngest daughter enjoys painting, so one day after school we decided to create some ladybug art. No paint brushes required! Create Your Own Ladybug Art This is a two-day project so {Read More}

Falling Leaves Math Activity

The girls had so much fun with our falling apples addition activity that I wanted to build on that enthusiasm with another fall inspired math activity. This is a quick and fun way to practice counting or beginning addition. Falling Leaves Math All you need are some fall leaves–real or from the store depending on what is available to you–and a container. Place leaves in the container. We used 10 leaves so we could practice counting and number combinations for 10, {Read More}

Lemon Foods Taste Test Science Investigation

I mentioned during our listening walk activity that I was inspired by all the wonderful Aliki books we read for the Virtual Book Club for Kids this month. This simple science investigation was another activity we enjoyed doing after reading My Five Senses (affiliate links included). Getting Ready for the Science Investigation I wanted to choose a food to investigate that would challenge the kids’ taste buds a bit, so I decided to explore lemon foods. Instead of selecting the foods {Read More}

Lollipop Math Activities

After finishing our lollipop lab science experiments we had a few lollipops left over. I decided to set up a math tray for the girls to use for different math activities. We used it to practice counting, comparing, and beginning addition.  These activities would be good for preschoolers and kindergarteners.  This post contains affiliate links. To set up the activity we used Dum Dums, small paper cups, and foam numbers.  To incorporate some fine motor practice I used a bamboo skewer to poke five {Read More}

Lollipop Lab~Lollipop Popsicles States of Matter Science Experiment

Last week we shared three different investigations inspired by a bag of lollipops. Once we had dissolved our lollipops and created our own new lollipops flavors, we still had some liquid left over. It seemed like a great opportunity to explore the different states of matter. It just so happened that we ended up with a yummy treat, too! Seems like the perfect end to a fun series of experiments!  This post contains affiliate links. Make Your Own Lollipop Popsicles {Read More}

Lollipop Lab~Flavor Mixing Science Experiment for Kids

We’ve been having fun learning with lollipops. After dissolving our lollipops and using the liquid to practice color mixing, Lovey wanted to taste our liquids. So began this simple flavor mixing science experiment. Not only did we taste the existing flavors, we investigated to see which flavor combinations tasted the best. This post contains affiliate links. We started with the liquids made after we dissolved our lollipops. You could do these experiments on the same day or spread the investigation {Read More}

Lollipop Lab~Dissolving Science Experiment for Kids

We love simple science experiments. Whether they are a planned part of our school time or a spontaneous activity to break up the day, the girls always get engaged and enjoy making new discoveries. Today I am starting a three part series about a recent set of investigations the girls did using lollipops. We started by experimenting to see what would happen if we put lollipops in water. If you’ve been following Fantastic Fun and Learning for a while you {Read More}

Ladybug Math Game

My girls love ladybugs. We’ve started spotting some in our yard recently, so I thought we’d have a little fun with a ladybug theme for this month’s Virtual Book Club for Kids. This ladybug math game can be adapted for toddlers, preschoolers, and children in early elementary school. It incorporates scooping, pouring, sensory play, and math. This post contains affiliate links. The Virtual Book Club for Kids is reading books by Mem Fox this month.  Yoo-Hoo, Ladybug! was a perfect choice {Read More}

Lion Mask

The Virtual Book Club for Kids author of the month is Marcus Pfister. We enjoyed reading many of the awesome books he has written. One of my favorite Marcus Pfister books is How Leo Learned to  be King. I always read it to my kindergartners in the classroom, and we’ve read it a number of times for our home preschool activities. Last year when we learned about the animals of Africa we read the story and made a lion mask for each child. {Read More}