Measuring Perimeter with Chocolate Kisses

The last activity we did with chocolate kisses was another form of measuring. Instead of measuring length this time, we worked on measuring perimeter. As with our other math activities with chocolate kisses, I set the materials out for Lovey to discover as part of our learning time. Chocolate kisses always seem to pull her attention before other tasks, so this was her first choice for the day. šŸ˜‰ Because this was her first time measuring perimeter we talked about {Read More}

Measuring Length with Chocolate Kisses

One of Lovey’s current preschool skills is nonstandard measurement. Chocolate kisses make a great tool for measuring, so I set up a couple of different math activities using them. This first activity was designed to practice measuring length. We used chocolate kisses, common objects, and a free printable recording sheet. I set the materials out for Lovey and introduced the measurement activity. The biggest challenge I usually see for kids is remembering to line the first object up right with {Read More}

Combining Sets Beginning Addition Free Printable

While Tinker was sorting chocolate kisses by colorĀ I wanted Lovey to have an activity that builds on sorting but also includes a bit of number sense practice. Sorting and Combining Sets Activity We used the free printable (available below) and placed it in a plastic sheet protector so that we could repeat the activity multiple times. As she sorted the chocolate kisses sheĀ counted how many of each color she had and recorded the numbers. For an extra challenge she combined {Read More}

Sorting Chocolate Kisses Free Printable

Today we’re back with another math activity using chocolate kisses. This one is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers learning to count by color. And like all of the activities in the Chocolate Kisses series we’re providing a free printable. Once again we’re using the Valentine chocolate kisses wrapped in red, silver, and pink foil. To set up the activity place a small amount of kisses in a container beside the printable sorting sheet. If you’d rather not print the printable, {Read More}

Graphing Chocolate Kisses Free Printable

We’ve been using chocolate kisses to practice a lot of math skills this month. During the next week I’ll be sharing quick posts with a new math activity and a free printable. I haven’t provided free printables on the site yet, so I’d love your feedback to know whether you’d like to see more of the them and if you encounter any difficulties accessing them. Each of the skills practiced in the upcoming series are related to toddler or preschool {Read More}

K is for Key Math and Science Activities

Yesterday I shared the reading activities we did for our K is for Key letter of the week theme. These are some of the math and science activities we tied into the theme. Lock and Unlock This was the favorite of the week by far! We collected different lock and key sets, and I left them in one of our tot trays for the week. After a little bit of trial and error, the kids had a lot of fun {Read More}

K is for Key Reading Activities

We have been learning about the letter K. I typically include a lot of animals in our continent and environment studies so I tend to do our letter of the week themes around a different topic. This week K was for keys! We were able to do a lot of different activities with keys, and the kids enjoyed playing with them in many different ways. These are some of the reading activities we did, and in a separate post I {Read More}