Big Bug Art for Creative Kids

We had so much fun with the art techniques we used creating ladybug art that I wanted to include a similar art invitation in our bug theme preschool lesson plans (available in variations for the home and classroom). Here we use some of our favorite stamping methods and a few added details to create a BIG bug art collage. This is terrific to do as a collaborative activity with multiple kids. Everyone can add their own unique touch to the final {Read More}

Bug Play Dough Invitation

Welcoming spring also means welcoming all of our bug friends back, and the girls have been having fun playing with some of their long lost pals outside. Whether we’re going on a bug hunt or creating bug art, the girls are fascinated by insects, and I know many of your kids are too. This bug play dough invitation was inspired by their love of all things creepy crawly, but don’t worry your little one doesn’t have to like bugs to {Read More}

Letter I Craft: Insect

Upon special request we squeezed in one more quick letter I craft late Friday afternoon. One way we practice letter recognition each week is by doing a letter craft that includes a simple cutout related to the letter of the week and foam letters. With everything else this week, I didn’t include it in our list of activities, but somebody noticed. Lovey pointed to all of the others hanging on her bedroom door, and said, “What are we making for {Read More}

Letter I Activities: Inchworms

Our week was divided in half so we could enjoy celebrating Halloween. The second half of the week we did a lot of inchworm activities to practice the letter I. Inch by Inch Book Activities To introduce the kids to inchworms we read the book Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni. We exercised those fine motor muscles by practicing inching along. The kids liked measuring parts of their bodies like the inchworm did in the story. Big Buddy measured his arm. {Read More}