Gardening Sensory Bins

Affiliate links included. We planted seeds recently. I knew the girls would enjoy watching the seeds grow, and I’m hoping together we can keep them alive long enough to actually see a plant bloom or produce something edible. You see, I don’t have much of  a green thumb! Although my success at gardening is minimal, I do love it. Cathy James from NurtureStore published The Garden Classroom, a phenomenal book full of ideas for gardening, crafts and activities to do with kids, {Read More}

G is for Goat: Shapes Craft

During our farm theme and letter G activities we made a goat shapes craft. I wrote before about the skills we are learning and the step-by-step directions we follow when doing a shapes craft. These posts may be helpful to you as you guide kids through these simple shapes crafts and give them the opportunity to explore making different designs with their shapes. We started with the shapes pictured below. For these shape activities I am still cutting out the {Read More}