Letter C Alphabet Conversation Cards

This week for the Alphabet Conversation Cards Series we’re discussing the Letter C. You’ll find conversation starters about cakes, cruises, candy, cats, cowboys and more.   Download your free Letter C conversation cards! Find out more ways to use these conversation cards in the introductory post for this series. Next week we’ll be sharing the Letter D conversation cards.

Cat Mask Craft

Tinker loves to pretend to be a cat. And although she does a fantastic job with no props, I thought it would be fun to make her a mask to wear for pretend play. This easy no sew cat mask took about ten minutes to put together, and we’re already finding a lot of great uses for it. Materials Plain party masks-Ours came in a pack from Walmart. They are cardboard. Felt in two colors of your choice 2 chenille {Read More}

Camping Small World

This week’s theme for Discover & Explore is Camping! Right now it’s much too hot for us to enjoy camping where we live. Instead we created our own camping small world, so we could still take part in all the summer fun that goes along with camping. S’mores anyone?  We’d love for you to share your favorite camping activities, crafts, tips, and resources for kids at the end of this post. We combined natural materials from our yard with a few {Read More}

Cave Craft for Forest Theme

We were so busy in the month of December that I didn’t get to post many of our forest theme activities. One of our favorite crafts was this torn paper bear cave. We spent a full week learning about bears, and we used this craft for many free play and learning activities. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. We read many different books about bears, but our main read aloud for the week was We’re Going on a Bear {Read More}

C is for Cow: Shapes Craft

During our farm theme and letter C activities we made a cow shapes craft. I wrote before about the skills we are learning and the step-by-step directions we follow when doing a shapes craft. These posts may be helpful to you as you guide kids through these simple shapes crafts and give them the opportunity to explore making different designs with their shapes. We started with the shapes pictured below. For these shape activities I am still cutting out the {Read More}

C is for Corn: Music and Art Activities

  During our farm theme we did a lot of corn activities. In addition to using corn kernels to practice math and reading, we also used them to incorporate art and music. Pop Like Corn Music Activity To get our wiggles out we listened to a few of the popcorn songs available on YouTube. Then we pretended we were popcorn kernels warming up in the pan and then slowly started to pop. Then we popped faster and faster! This got {Read More}

C is for Corn: Math Activities

During our farm theme we used corn kernels in many ways. In addition to using corn kernels for alphabet and phonemic awareness activities, we also used them for math activities. Counting We learned a quick little chant. Pop! Pop! Pop like popcorn! I can pop ___ times. Then we took turns letting each child pick a number less than 10, and we had fun popping like popcorn as we counted to the number. Another time I held up a number {Read More}

C is for Corn: Alphabet and Phonemic Awareness Activities

During our farm theme we learned a lot about corn and used corn kernels for a variety of activities. In addition to using corn kernels for math activities, we also used them for alphabet and phonemic awareness activities activities. Alphabet Letter Hunt  The kids loved searching for letters in a bin of corn kernels. Each child had their own bin. One day we searched for all of the letters we learned so far this year. One bin had uppercase letters and the {Read More}