Brown Bear Brown Bear Activities for Preschoolers

Bill Martin Jr.’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? is a classic picture book that has remained a relevant favorite among preschoolers over time.  It was an essential text in my childhood library, classroom, and now in my own children’s library at home.  Picture books with predictable text such as Brown Bear, Brown Bear are excellent ways to introduce young children to reading.  It is also one of my favorite books to engage young readers in choral reading.  This {Read More}

Butterfly Garden Play Dough Invitation

The girls’ grandma bought them a nature tube with beautiful butterflies during a recent visit, and we’ve been waiting for spring to arrive so we could use them for this butterfly garden play dough invitation. In the past we’ve created bug play dough and garden play dough, but we’ve never had butterflies until now! We’ve had this beautiful invitation out for weeks now, and the girls haven’t grown tired of making colorful butterfly gardens yet. Materials Affiliate links included Play {Read More}

Easy Butterfly Craft Ring

When we have a little extra time after school my oldest daughter and I like to doodle. One day we were sitting at the table drawing butterflies, and she said “I wish we could make these fly.” I said, “Let’s give it a try.” So we took a little time to make this easy butterfly craft that can “fly”…well sort of. In addition to a fun after school craft, these can also be used in the classroom or at home for {Read More}

Bat Headband Halloween Craft

Headband crafts can add silliness to your day, and they can also be used to support learning activities. In the past we’ve made spider headbands and monster headbands. This year we decided to make bat headbands as a fun Halloween craft. Make them after you read some books about bats. Then wear your headbands to retell stories, act out new stories, sing songs, or just to be silly flying around like pretend bats! You’ll only need a few basic craft supplies {Read More}

Free Printable Bird Watch Tally Sheet

We’ve definitely been taking our fun and learning outdoors lately. Why not!? This free printable is a great way to practice math on the go. Use it to practice tallies, counting, and comparing. It also encourages kids to observe closely to spot birds in nature. The first time we tried the tally sheet we observed birds in our yard and on a nature walk in our neighborhood. It would also be a great activity to take to a local park {Read More}

Bug Play Dough Invitation

Welcoming spring also means welcoming all of our bug friends back, and the girls have been having fun playing with some of their long lost pals outside. This bug play dough invitation was inspired by their love of all things creepy crawly, but don’t worry your little one doesn’t have to like bugs to have fun with this bug play dough invitation. Materials This post contains affiliate links. Playdough made from a recipe in The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book and Wilton {Read More}

Bubble Books

Bubbles are always fun whether they are in the bath, blown with gum, or in your milk. We have a list of books that kids of all ages will enjoy. This post contains affiliate links. Bubbles Big Bad Bubble by Adam Rubin Big Bad Bubble is a silly story that I love. In monster land, bubbles appear out of nowhere and the monsters are terrified of them. As the author talks to the monsters, they realize that bubbles might not {Read More}

Letter B Alphabet Conversation Cards

Last week I announced our new alphabet conversation cards series and introduced the Letter A Conversation Cards.  Today I’m sharing the letter B set. These cards include conversation starters about boats, bakers, bears, and more. Download your free Letter B conversation cards! Learn more about ways to use these conversation cards in the introductory post for this series. We’ll be back with the Letter C conversation cards soon!

Bat Books for Kids

We often think of bats as a fall/Halloween animal, but these amazing creatures are around all year long. The lists of books below will help your child as they discover the amazing world of bats. Our list includes fiction and non-fiction books from dancing and baseball playing bats to their life cycle and where they live. There is also a list of bat activities you can do as you read about bats. Enjoy your adventures with this night creature. This {Read More}

Bat Counting Game

I love when we are able to use a set of materials over and over in different ways for different learning purposes. Yesterday we shared how we used our bat craft to play a word family game. Today we’re sharing how that simple bat craft inspired some counting practice. For this counting game we started with the same basic bat craft. Then we used a glitter glue pen to draw numbers and sets of dots on the bat wings. When {Read More}