Apple Ten Frame Fine Motor Math

In the fall we like to use apples for a lot of hands-on learning.In the past we’ve used “falling” apples to practice addition. We’ve done apple threading to spell our names and other words. And we’ve tried this fun fine motor twist on “bobbing” for apples. This year we added an extra fun challenge to our math time with this apple ten frame fine motor math activity. Use it to practice a variety of math skills while trying to balance the {Read More}

Ten Apples Up on Top Play Dough

Fall and apples  go hand and hand for us, so we always like to find some new ways to play and learn with apples this time of year. Recently my youngest child learned to read Ten Apples Up on Top all by herself, and she’s very proud. She’s been reading it over and over again, so I thought we’d do some follow up activities to go along with her enthusiasm. This is also a terrific book to use at home {Read More}

Apple Tree Play Dough Invitation

Do you get to go apple picking in your area? We would love to go apple picking. Unfortunately we live in an area where there are no apple trees, so we have to make do with our own creative ideas. This apple tree play dough invitation is our little twist on on apple-inspired loose parts play and “apple picking.” Apple Tree Play Dough Invitation Materials Red, yellow, green and brown play dough-We added a bit of apple pie spice to {Read More}

Alligator Small World Play

When possible we like to get a closer look at the animals the girls show an interest in. We’ve created habitats for roly-polies, snails, and a variety of other bugs. We dig for worms and watch the life cycle of butterflies up close. But aside from visiting our local zoo, I’m not quite ready to let the girls get up close and personal with an alligator. We do live in an area where alligators can be seen sunning on the {Read More}

Free Apple Letter Cards for Making Words Activities

As children learn to identify the letters and sounds in the alphabet they are ready to begin making words.  These free printable apple letter cards are a fun way to practice during your fall literacy activities. Get Ready Since Lovey knows all letter sounds I used all of the letter cards in this activity. However, if your child has learned a handful of letters you can still get started with making words activities. Simply limit the cards used for the {Read More}

Button Worm Apple Fall Name Activity

Now that school has started we’re ready to welcome fall, and we always love to kick off fall with apple theme activities. This button worm lacing name activity is a hands-on way to help kids recognize the letters in their name and practice fine motor skills. We’ve had a traditional button snake inspired by Happy Hooligans for years. It’s a great beginner toy for threading and fine motor practice. Now that Tinker is able to thread that with ease I thought {Read More}

Apple Activities for Fall

Fall is coming, and we’re ready! In just another week we’ll be heading back to school. And it’s time to break out some of our favorite fall apple activities. Join in the fun with some of these apple activities! Our twist on bobbing for apples combines fine motor practice and water play that is great for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Create your own mini apple orchard with this bleeding tissue art apple tree. Practice fine motor skills and name recognition with {Read More}

Letter A Alphabet Conversation Cards

Today I’m excited to be starting a new series all about getting kids talking! Okay, getting kids to talk isn’t exactly a challenge, but strengthening oral vocabulary and conversation skills are important early learning goals. For this series, we’re going to be sharing free printable conversation cards that go along with each letter of the alphabet. For each letter there will be ten printable cards to choose from. The cards can be used in a variety of ways. Here are just a {Read More}

Free Printable Apple Number Cards and Activities

The first chapter in our kindergarten curriculum is all about understanding numbers zero to five. We’re reviewing how to read and write the numbers and create sets for those quantities. We’re also learning the corresponding number words, and from my days in the kindergarten classroom I know those number words can be tricky.  To help Lovey, I made a set of apple number cards for learning and play activities, and I thought you would enjoy having the free printable set, {Read More}

“Bobbing” for Apples Fine Motor Fall Activity

Tinker loves any activity that involves water play, so I recently set up this simple “bobbing” for apples fall activity for her. It’s a fun way to practice fine motor skills. You can also incorporate counting and sorting activities with these materials. I started with a large bowl full of water. Then we added some decorative apples that I found at Walmart in the floral section. Tinker had fun uses tongs to “bob” for apples. At first she simply concentrated on {Read More}